Buttock Augmentation More Popular Than Breast Implants Says Beverly Hills Doctor

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass says a new report shows buttock augmentation procedures are up by double digit figures, driven by the "Brazilian Butt Lift".

Online PR News – 16-March-2015 – Beverly Hills, CA – The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that buttock augmentation procedures in their various forms are up by double-digit figures. While celebrities are driving public awareness of buttock augmentation, especially the "Brazilian Butt Lift" more women from all walks of life are having their cheeks tweaked. According to the ASPS report, 2015 is shaping up to be the first time in years that breast augmentation is down - the focus now is on the buttocks. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass says that women who come to his practice are seeking to "go bigger" with fat transfer to the buttocks but most wish to retain a look in proportion with the entire body. Dr. Dass says he's seeing women from all walks of life, from 21 to 55 and older.

"Many patients save up for this procedure because it's something they really want," he says. Dr. Dass' patient Kirsten, 21, says she has wanted to have buttock augmentation ever since hitting puberty, when she developed curves, "but they were all in the wrong places". She, like many other patients says she had been thinking about buttock augmentation before the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj and other celebrities started to put it out there, and the increased media exposure has spurred her to finally have it done, as the "Brazilian Butt Lift" has become more popular.

The procedure is done by using liposuction to remove unwanted fat, typically from the waist, abdomen or "love handles" and injected into areas of the buttocks to create a fuller, more shapely look. “This also provides the added benefit of fat reduction in the body areas from which the fat is taken,” says Dr. Dass.
"Buttock implants and lifts have seen the fastest increase in recent years," the ASPS noted in its report. "Buttock augmentation with fat grafting rose by 15 percent from 2013 to 2014 (to 11,505 procedures), buttock implants rose by 98 percent (to 1,863 procedures), and buttock lifts rose by 44 percent (to 3,505 procedures). In this video Dr. Dass and his patient show how her procedure will be done: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIH8U_A1MJ4

For information on buttock augmentation with the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure contact the office of Dr. Dennis Dass at (855) 496-4646 and visit www.DassMD.com


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