TenantCloud Introduces a Revolutionary Free Service For Tenants and Landlords

TenantCloud introduces a brand-new free service with most progressive cloud-based features for tenants and landlords.

Online PR News – 17-March-2015 – Austin, TX – TenantCloud.com brings a full package of collaborative tools for tenants and landlords that will streamline the processes of renting a property, paying rent and rental information management.

TenantCloud is a free service that helps renters to set themselves apart from other renters with their own portal for keeping recommendations and other rental information. TenantCloud allows renters to share their profile with landlord so they can see all their references, reviews, places they've lived and save all communication with their landlord. Renters can also control what information they want to share and what to keep private. At the same time landlords can forget about driving to collect rent checks and enjoy top-tier property management tools such as 75 free property units to manage, online rent collection, work orders management, and personal marketing website at no cost.

Joe Edgar, Co-Founder of TenantCloud LLC states, "TenantCloud takes a giant step towards making the renting process faster, more secure, and easier for everyone involved. In hopes of being the last rental application renters ever have to fill out, TenantCloud provides tools that help renters balance their relationship with the landlord. Rather than dealing with emails and paper applications, tenants and landlords can collect and access all the information they need in one place."

TenantCloud is a renters cloud-based office where they can store all their rental agreements, pictures when they move-in or out, pay and track rent, send maintenance requests, research, find a new place, and so much more.

"This is definitely a breaking point on the housing market, as TenantCloud.com provides a cloud “environement” which ensures a seamless experience for each user. Tenants can create a profile with all rental information as well as pay rent and submit work orders on the go. We call it an all-in-one system because it is going to replace three separate complicated systems or software. Furthermore, TenantCloud is free, we don’t set up any trial periods and I have to say this is awesome,” said Vitaliy Ivanyshyn, co-founder of TenantCloud.

“To better understand how TenantCloud works, I suggest to draw an analogy between the service and a professional social network. TenantCloud is a place where renters can share their profile with a landlord and find a home, submit work order or just communicate with ease from their iPhone. Universal application profile at TenantCloud is something like a Linkedin profile, users can fill it out once and apply for different apartments multiple times, instead of filling out piles of paperwork for each apartment,” says Tasha Skinner, business development manager at TenantCloud.com.

Apartment hunters can use their profiles to introduce themselves to landlords, verify information about finances and employment. TenantCloud ensures renters can communicate openly with their landlord. It does this by additionally supplying landlords with their own portal, which includes top-tier property management tools. What better way for a renter to know their outstanding balance than by seeing what the landlord sees. This also allows renters to leave reviews about their landlords when they move-out.

“Cloud engine makes it easy for tenants to balance their relationship with a landlord, submit work orders and secure all uploaded data. Profile at TenantCloud is the easiest way to protect the security deposit and keep all rental information safe. Our servers are encrypted with 128-bit encryption through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and your data is backed up daily being available only to authorized users.” said Alina Nagirnyak, head of project management at TenantCloud.

TenntCloud is available at TenantCloud.com for free.

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