Preston Based Corona Contracts Continues to Support the British Manufacturing Sector

At a time when manufacturing has dropped in the UK, Corona Contracts make as many of their products as possible

Online PR News – 17-March-2015 – Preston, Lancashire – Any economist knows that the British manufacturing sector has been falling steadily since the 1960s, with the country shifting more towards the service industry during this time. There are many reasons why the British manufacturing sector should continue to be supported, however. Each part of the economy does not exist as its own island, and any shrinkage in one sector will have implications for the others.

Many service sector jobs depend on manufacturing- there are close links between these two sectors. Jobs lost in manufacturing cannot always be absorbed by increasing employment in the service industries, as these types of skills are not necessarily easily transferred from one part of the economy to the other. This is known as occupational immobility, and it is one of the main causes of structural unemployment.

Geographical immobility is often damaging to specific regions of the country, where workers made redundant from manufacturing find it difficult to move somewhere else to work for a variety of reasons. It is clearly evident that many parts of the UK have suffered economically from a loss of jobs in what used to be the traditional industries, such as the steel industry in the North East and mining in Wales. These losses have clearly not been absorbed by the service industry and have only increased the north-south divide.

Businesses like Corona Contracts continue to champion the importance of British
manufacturing. This is not just great news for the health of the UK economy, but the benefits are also passed on to the consumer, too. For Corona Contracts, manufacturing most of what they sell in this country helps them to meet their clients' timescales and budget constraints more easily. They can also guarantee a level of quality that you don't always find from imports.

Corona contracts are known for their knowledge of the window solutions industry all over the
country including London, Wales, Glasgow and more locally to their base in the north west, Blackpool, Preston and Manchester. They have a wealth of experience in: hospital curtain tracks, disposable curtains, motorised blinds, office blinds, internal window solutions such as frosted and intelligent glass, custom made blinds and curtains, shade sails and awnings, printed blinds, black out curtains and much more. Boasting clients from the public and private healthcare services, military bases, international embassies, universities, police stations, new build offices, refurbishments and many more. Get in touch with Corona Contracts today to find out more about their window solutions!