My911 Automatic Crash Response Smartphone Application Makes Top 25 in its First Release

My911 can automatically call an ambulance in case of a car accident, motorcycle accident, or even an elderly fall.

Online PR News – 26-August-2010 – – PROVO, UT—My911 recently made the top 25 health and safety apps, ranking number 8 according to Health Sherpa. The app is rated here because it utilizes both the accelerometer and GPS technologies in order to automatically notify an ambulance when the user gets into an accident.

What else makes My911 worthy of placement as number 8? Well, it is a versatile app which can be used by anyone, and can be especially helpful to an elderly person. In addition to calling 911, My911 is able to notify up to 5 other people of an accident or fall. The GPS coordinates are sent to each of these recipients, as well as the police if desired. So, a great-grandmother can receive help if she has a fall: her phone will automatically contact her caretaker and/or her children. To fit the needs of more users, the app’s sensitivity can be adjusted so that the slightest fall will set it off, or strictly only a car accident will set it off. Since you don’t always want to call the police if you dropped your phone, or got in a minor accident, the user can make the app wait up to 60 seconds before making the call. If you want to cancel the call, just press a button within this 60 seconds.

Often it can be difficult to call 911 after a severe accident, and for an elderly person it can be extremely strenuous to make a call after a fall. Sometimes, people become get badly hurt or become unconscious, causing them to lose the ability to do such a simple thing on their own. This is why an automatic 911 call can be helpful. It is potentially the best life-saving app because it can assist so many people in so many situations.

About My911, Inc.
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