The CJDfitness running and workout belt is now available from Amazon!

The only adjustable, flip-belt waist pack for runners, gym enthusiasts and sports lovers is now available to the public

Online PR News – 17-March-2015 – San Antonio/TX – The all-new, high spec running and workout belt from CJDfitness is now available to buy from Amazon! The days of having to wear baggy, unflattering jogging bottoms and hoodies to the gym are over. There is no longer any need to wear such impractical and unstylish attire just so that items such as phones, headphones, keys and money can be stored and carried safely whilst running, hiking, at the gym or playing sport. The revolutionary new design of the CJDfitness belt means that essential personal belongings can be stored and carried easily, conveniently and securely, without compromising on style and comfort.
Check out the CJDfitness belt here
The CJDfitness belt is an adjustable, elasticated waist belt pack with discreet and spacious openings design to comfortably and securely hold phones (the majority of smart phones fit without a problem), keys, wallets, coins, headphones and more. The openings work with no buckles, zips or buttons, so the belt is extremely comfortable to wear.

The flip-belt design holds belongings in place by keeping the openings flat against the body, with the elastic material ensuring that there is no slippage and bouncing around of items inside the belt. The design itself also means that the belt is fashionable and comfortable, and adds extra style to any workout attire or sports uniform for both men and women. The belt is equipped with a wide Velcro strap at the back, making it the only adjustable flip-belt that fits men and women of all shapes and sizes, adding extra comfort and style.

(Added Bonus: It also means wearers can keep track of their fitness progress by monitoring the fit of the belt and how much they have to adjust it!)

The CJDfitness belt also comes with a free workout plan to help people get started on their fitness journey. Or, for more advanced individuals, the workout plan can be used as a warm-up routine before the main workout, gym session, run, hike…whatever!

The CJDfitness belt is now available to buy from Amazon at this link for $28.99. This is the only place where people can get hold of this all-new product – the newest addition to the sport and fitness family!