Multisoft Virtual Academy takes a big leap with Hadoop Online Training

The training is specially designed for Java Developers, Architects and Big Data professionals.

Online PR News – 17-March-2015 – Noida, Delhi NCR – “There is an increasing need of the data savvy managers in the industry. The Big Data movement is beneficial for both industries and the professionals alike,” said Multisoft Virtual Academy’s director, Ashish Bakshi on the launch of the Hadoop Online Training by the institute. The institute which has already trained many industry leading professionals took another big leap by introducing a 30-hours online program in Hadoop Training. This program aims to impart the concepts of Big Data, which has quite become a global panacea.

Hadoop lets the companies to handle a vast resource of data more efficiently in contrast tothe traditional methods. Being comparatively cheaper than the other giant alternatives offered by pioneers like Oracle and SAP, it has been globally swapping ways with the major data analysis software. The efficiency of the software is incomparable and this is the reason why even Indian government is using it to store information of citizens for national identification operations. Acclaimed to be the world’s largest one, India’s biometric database is highly robust and can accept 4 million logins per minute. Cloudera, the company behind the gigantic Data analysis movement, claims that every organization whether IBM or SAPor Oracle, has now embedded Hadoop in their principle architecture. The potentials of the software are very promising and that’s why Hadoop is going to be the future of data management.

Multisoft Virtual Academy, with its interactive 30-hours instructor-led online training, will prepare professionals to develop understanding of the concepts of Hadoop architecture. The training is specially designed for Java Developers, Architects and Big Data professionals. Beginning with the fundamentals, the training will guide the learners to the advance tools used for managing and impacting data analysis.To make it more accessible for the working professionals, there is an availability of 24/7 e-Learning access. The program is available in small and multiple batches in order to meet the requirements of the learners. During the training, the learners will gain expertise in writing complex Map Reduce programs; performing data analytics with the available tools; and processing the Big data sets.