Casio EDIFICE Chronograph Twin Sensor Watches

The Twin-Sensor chronograph models from the Edifice line sport an edgy sophistication not commonly found in watches this technical.

Online PR News – 17-March-2015 – Montvale, New Jersey – The Twin-Sensor chronograph models from the Edifice line sport an edgy sophistication not commonly found in watches this technical. Casio’s Twin Sensor Technology brought in both the digital compass and thermometer under one hood withut looking techy or geeky; its direction and thermo- sensors now smaller in size and energy consumption but greater in their performance. Casio received plenty leverage through its advanced digital technology and its unique drive-system comprising multiple, independent motors, each of which are assigned to do a particular job.

Knowing that the average watch-buyer won’t get these technologies too well, Casio added some pretty tasty eye-candy to their Twin-Sensor version of Edifice watches. It’s no more just a dynamic design or an impressive set of features and functions only understood by a handful; now, the Casio EDIFICE chronograph Twin Sensor watches also have a separate, visible IDs – the AutoLED and the NEON Illuminator – which make night-viewing both a pleasure and convenient.

Formerly, it used to be praising the MULTI MISSION DRIVE (aids in multi-functionality), the SMART ACCESS (simple switching mode by just pulling out the crown) and the TOUGH SOLAR charging system; in some, the WAVE CEPTOR (self-correction mechanism running on atomic time-calibration signals). With AutoLED, it’s powerful white light that jumps into action whenever a tilt is detected; while NEON Illuminator lights up individual components on the dial and the resulting glow lighting up the entire watchface.

The ERA-200 is one of the first models in the twin-sensor EDIFICE line. It comes equipped with a direction sensor, a bearing memory (to save preset destination bearing to avoid going off-route) and a full range of stopwatch functions (1/100-second, split-time mode). Close to it in popularity is the EMA-100 (from the Casio Protrek mens watch Advanced Marine Line), mostly among marine sports (power boating, jet skiing and the likes) enthusiasts. This one comes with a tide graph indicator to show the tide levels. However, the one that took the watch-world by storm is the Edifice limited edition, Red Bull Racing Twin Sensor Chronograph.

This too features the downsized twin sensors, has compass functionality (the seconds-hand indicating North and the bearing displays in the digital window) and temperature reading capabilities. However, if you do not want to go that extreme, the ERA300B-1AV and ERA300DB-1A2V will give you plenty to be happy about.

This Twin-Sensor Casio protrek solar duo add an essential touch of fashion into these combinations of bold functionalities, finding them a place into any man’s daily life. Their advanced technological features incorporate a sense of style that’s fit for both work and play as well as for times when you just want to relax. The soft glow of the Neon Illumination system is tranquil enough to soothe your frayed nerves.