Deepetch Announces ‘Express 2 Hour Service’ For Professional Image Editing Services

Professional Image Editing Services save time and money for Photographers and Ecommerce industry, starting at just $0.70 cents per image.

Online PR News – 17-March-2015 – Brisbane – Deepetch the world's leading image editing service provider trusted by over 50,000 professional photographers, digital agencies, ecommerce &online retailers, today announced a one of a kind ‘Express Service’ for its image editing services. Customers can now get ALL their background removal, clipping path, masking, retouch, color correction and other photography editing services done in less than 2 hours. Deepetch has processed more than 10 million images since 2007. With an overall colour enhancement feature, you can get a clean and bright finish for all of your photographs.

Deepetch’s Photo Editing Services include:

1. Background Removal
2. Clipping Path & Masking
3. Invisible Man or Mannequin Effect
4. Cropping, Rotating & Straightening
5. Amazon, Ebay& Google Presets
6. Background Replacement
7. Image Resizing & Renaming
8. Shadows and Reflections
9. Color Correction
10. Cleaning
11. Removing Creases
12. Airbrushing



Deepetch’s professionals will remove the background from any image, with a hand drawn clipping path. Their background removal services include removing existing background, white background, transparent background or custom background, cropping, rotating/straightening, background replacement, image resizing, drop shadows, invisible man (ghost mannequin), renaming, colour correction etc. This is especially useful to the ecommerce industry where product imaging plays a pivotal role in sales.

They use the Photoshop® pen tool to hand draw a vector path around your images thereby isolating the object/subject from the background that is not required. The path can then be used to make a selection with Photoshop, or is recognised when importing your images into a pagination application such as Indesign or QuarkXpress.

Expert designers assess your image and then generate a layer mask or a series of alpha channels based on what you require, it is best used for model images where there is a lot of hair, fur or thread detailing.

From blemishes and colour adjustment to complex image composition, you can trust expert retouchers to get the job done.

Deepetch’s team can assist you in cast removal, colour replacement or management as required.

Each image is hand drawn or traced to obtain an illustrator vector file or a user predefined format.

They offer customized photo editing services to online stores and market place vendors.
Prices start from70 cents per credit. As a bonus the company offers 5 free images at first. If one has more than 2500 images per month a corporate account can be obtained. With a unique online application, you can manage the work flow, communicate with them, request changes and also check the status of your job 24x7. is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, and caters to more than 50,000 global clientele. For more info log onto or call +61-(7)-3106-8936