Asia to Drive Innovation in Smart Mobility Projects, finds TeleResearch Labs

TeleResearch Labs found that Asian markets are going to fuel up the next wave of growth in smart mobility Projects.

Online PR News – 17-March-2015 – 3/16/2015, USA – Few cities in the world are working on the smart city projects to enhance the life of citizens and to offer vibrant environment for businesses. But, many big projects have been announced in Asian markets both in the emerging markets such as India and China and in the developed markets such as Japan and South Korea. While Japan and South Korea have been great innovation leaders in the past, this time Singapore has taken the lead to build the world’s first smart nation.

What is the working model of Singapore's Smart Nation Project? And, what makes it worth watching for telcos as well as governments of every other country?

The project aims to deliver better work/ life quality to people and businesses. The project will focus on improving all avenues to optimise the existing resources with the help of technology. The focus of the project ranges from infrastructure to industries, and public transport to governance. The main goal of this project is to optimise the existing resources, rather than relying on new ones. This is what that makes this project truly innovative and worth watching for others.

The government is working on its Smart Nation Platform (SNP), to be constructed systematically for a greater all-round connectivity, improved decision (for different purposes) by information gathering, and sharing the same effectively. The course of development will be flexible enough to enable tweaks for improvements. “Connect”, “Collect” & “Comprehend” are the three themes SNP is based upon.

Collaboration among different industries, data sharing and Big Data analytics (M2M) are at the core of this project. Government already holds a huge amount of citizen data, however, that is not sufficient for such services. Situational awareness and optimal resource allocation are required to add value to the information gathered through data. That’s why, more than 1,000 sensors have been deployed in the Jurong Lake District. It is a large commercial and residential area and also the Singapore’s test lab for the smart nation project.