releases its latest innovation book on Pharmaceutical Sector
03/17/2015 the leading online resource in latest innovations of packaging has released its latest Packaging Innovation Book.

Online PR News – 17-March-2015 – Gurgaon – New Delhi, 13th March 2015: the leading online resource in latest innovations of packaging has released its latest Packaging Innovation Book.

Idea behind this book is to bring the innovations to wider group of professionals to meet the mission of packaging knowledge sharing and that too cost effectively. We feel that this publication will further fill the project pipelines of companies and improve the standards of packaging. Many professionals either do not have the access or time to go through so many innovations together. So we think this publication will fill that gap. Pharmaceutical Packaging is not a recent phenomenon. It is an activity closely associated with the evolution of society and, as such, can be tracked back to human beginnings. The nature, degree, and amount of Packaging at any stage of society’s growth reflect the needs, cultural patterns, material availability, and technology of that society. The pace of the technological change in Packaging field is bringing new innovative packaging ideas and Pharmaceutical Packaging is not an exception. Society is changing daily; meeting new challenge, integrating new knowledge, accommodating new needs. These changes are inevitably reflected in the way we package, deliver and consume goods. Pharmaceutical Packaging though a concept started from the evolution of civilization, meeting new challenges everyday making it necessary to keep innovating. Pharmaceutical Packaging is much specialised field. It is quite broad, encompassing, and multi-faceted task and quite challenging as it requires the application of a large amount of scientific and engineering expertise.

Asia Pacific region is expected to show an increase in demand in the global pharmaceutical packaging market. It stated that North America held the largest market share in 2011. It held more than 30%, due to the huge demand for pharmaceutical packaging in Canada and the U.S. this dominance could soon be cut short by Asia Pacific, which is currently the fastest growing region in the pharmaceutical packaging market. By 2018, the region could effectively hold more than 25% of the market share. The market in Asia Pacific is expected to reach USD 20.63 billion by 2018. Development of innovative packaging that provides a combination of product protection, quality, security, tamper evidence and visual appeal to enhance consumer consumption and reduce counterfeiting and other malpractices is expected to boost the market within the forecast period
Seeing this growth pattern innovation in packaging to get the cutting edge becomes even more vital. This book covers major packaging innovation in the Pharma sector in various categories like Resins, Adhesive, Lidding, Flexibles, Secondary Packaging, Closures, Dispensing Systems, Labels and Outserts

Mr. Sandeep Goyal, Founder & CEO, inviting innovators said, “Packaging technologist has lost there reading strike. Reading books have become more of specific search related. These books will bring back the much needed interest in reading with their content. We are happy to bring the “Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovations” a book with latest innovation in Pharma sector to look for. Keep Sharing Happy Reading!”

About Innovation Books
In our endeavour to get innovations which will take packaging to a different level, we have launched our first book on Product Packaging Innovations. These will be a series of books which will cover innovations in packaging for one product and each time a different product. We have started with Packaging Innovations in Tea and this covers different forms of tea as well as presentation of tea, with packaging designs, concepts, different packaging materials, patterns and many more.

Welcome to the world of packaging innovations! Find your innovation moment with our books

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