Priority-Software Certifies Their Cloud Platform Secure Against Virus’ and Trojan Horse Attacks

Priority's cloud platform enables companies to slash their IT expenses.

Online PR News – 15-March-2015 – Rosh Haayin, Israel – With the ever growing threat to online data security, it is good news to hear that Priority Software has Certified their Cloud Platform as being secure against Virus and Trojan Horse attacks. This is what it takes to keep sensitive business-data safe in the digital environment of cyberspace. Organizations are able to drastically reduce their IT expenses by avoiding using financial resources for hardware maintenance and system upgrades. Their cloud platform is scalable, so a company can start with minimal users, and scale-up to thousands.

Priority Software’s platform provides the tools and technology needed for developers to configure the ERP application to become need specific. Priority's development tools permit programmers to create customized software that requires no compilation, even after version upgrades. Each customization becomes an integrated part of the application itself. The unique four-layered architecture allows the capability to modify one layer without affecting the others. This means that clients can migrate from one database to another, or from one UI to another, and also from one software version to the next with minimal end-user disruption.

Priority-Software has risen to the top of their industry with its innovative business software solutions for all types of business applications, including: service, retail, e-Commerce, marketing, electronics, manufacturing, food service and hospitality, construction and building materials, import/export, and more. Priority™ is capable of being deployed internationally, has a multi-language user interface, built-in support for multiple tax jurisdictions, and additional modules are available to satisfy growing business needs. It isn’t necessary to be a huge operation to take advantage of the advanced functionality. The upgrade process from Priority Zoom to Priority Pro does not require any implementation, development or data transformation efforts.

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