Amjad Ali the Northwest leading Authority on Google SEO and Online Marketing

Amjad Ali the North West leading Authority on SEO and Online Marketing has been unlocking the future of web marketing and gives local businesses a chance to evolve to ecommerce

Online PR News – 26-August-2010 – – The future of online marketing can no longer be defined by individual roles. Companies employing just an SEO with out considering any other aspects of online exposure may feel the recession more than those who embrace every avenue.

Google specialist Amjad Ali from Burnley Lancashire recently did a survey of all local businesses with online presence and found the results disturbing.

"SEO, PPC (pay per click) and Social media has taken advertising by storm" said Ali who is also known in the new media industry as ALI-V-8 "British businesses are not grasping the various concepts surrounding internet marketing and while these people are making money they are keeping these platforms at arms length. The problems will occur when the money stops coming and they are left behind and then play catch up".

Ali explained that most business have yet to understand the reach that the internet has. Google has become the new high street and unless you have some presence there your prices and your reputation wont mean a thing. Long established businesses are closing down because its easier to chose a product from a company based in Wyoming as opposed to one just a mile away be.

Why is this happening?
The answer is simple. Lack of understanding and trust.

Ali has launched a new website called to help people understand the various platforms available to businesses and has a simple ASK ME button that allows business owners to ask anything about online marketing.

It is his hope that more and more UK businesses and Northwest business take advantage of his vast knowledge on the subject. Hence he has created which is a play on word meaning "optimise my online website".