Rajesh Patel discusses how his education at JKBS helped him get a dream placement

The best thing about JKBS was the presence of camaraderie between batch mates, as well as teachers.Here,students not only acquire knowledge in different domains

Online PR News – 15-March-2015 – Gurgaon/Haryana – It was the desire to boost his career prospects, and find a foothold into the corporate world, which made Rajesh Patel, enters a management program. But he was adamant about choosing a renowned B School. And, while doing his research about management institutes, he quickly realized that JKBS is one of the best business schools in Delhi-NCR. Today, after bagging his dream job with Technofast Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd, the choice to attend JKBS seems to be paying off.

Rajesh will be working as a Business Development Executive with Technofast, which is considered one of the leading consulting firms in the area. But that’s only part of the reason he is thrilled about his career prospects. “I have done my Bachelor’s in Computer Applications and wanted to find a job that would utilize my technical and professional skills to the fullest”, he says, excitedly. “I have managed to bag the perfect job for that and I couldn’t be happier”. In fact, he was so excited when he heard of getting the job that he couldn’t resist calling his parents, who have always been supportive of him.

As a Business Development Executive, Rajesh will have to handle several responsibilities, which will test his mettle as a professional. But the job also offers him many opportunities to grow professionally. “From client acquisition to internal sales and managing relations with clients, I will have to take care of several tasks”. He says “We are also being introduced to the solutions Technofast provides its customers, and will have to identify their requirements”. All of these responsibilities, Rajesh feels, will lead to future possibilities and opportunities.

Clearly, here is a man who always has an eye on the future. This is a strategy that worked for Rajesh when he was researching management programs. “To begin with I wanted to do my management studies because of the exposure you get to the corporate world” he says, describing his thought process. “Not to mention the fact that your pay package and job profile is a lot better, as well. I believed that JKBS was the place to be at because it offers fantastic infrastructure, faculty support and placement options”. It is clear that Rajesh feels he made the best decision, later saying, “I was right”.

As Rajesh looks back on his journey with JKBS, he can’t help but feel privileged about being part of an institute with such a rich heritage. He speaks of his time at the institute in glowing terms, saying, “The best thing about JKBS was the presence of camaraderie between batch mates, as well as teachers. Here, students not only acquire knowledge in different domains, but they also get a lot of opportunities to learn from people in the industry through knowledge sessions and extracurricular activities that are quite helpful.”

Above all, Rajesh believes that it’s the confidence the institute builds in its students that prepares them well for their professional journeys. In addition, there was his summer internship with Thomson Press India Ltd., New Delhi that offered him first-hand exposure. “Overall, it has been a comprehensive learning experience at the institute”, he concludes. “The two years I spent here have brought about a complete overhaul in my personality and helped me grow, both professionally as well as personally”.