Japanese Cabinet Office invited LPU Student for World Youth Leaders program in Japan

•Already President of India Awardee, Debanshu is one of the top LPU NSS Volunteers who has acclaimed number of social activities participation to his credit

Online PR News – 15-March-2015 – 14.3.2015 – Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan invited Civil Engineering student Debanshu Chauhan of Lovely Professional University for prestigious international youth exchange program ‘Ship for World Youth (SWY)’ leaders held in Japan. Debanshu was one among 214 youth leaders gathered in Japan from different countries across the world. The participating youth leaders including Debanshu lived together on board the ship ‘Nippon Maru’ for 24 days. All of them deepened their friendship and understanding through various exchange activities. Leaders were encouraged to gain global views and develop skills needed in the field of international cooperation. Other than India, student leaders participated from countries including France, Brazil, New Zealand, the UK, Turkey, Bahrain, Oman and more. Already President of India Awardee, Debanshu is one of the top LPU NSS Volunteers who has acclaimed-number of social activities’ participation to his credit.
Humbly accepting that his university has made him a “man of the world” in true sense of the words, Debanshu informed: “I am fortunate enough to be a part of this great youth leadership program. We spent 12 days on ship and other 12 days on ground. By ship we were taken to different North and South Prefectures (States) of Japan. We were also taken to Rikezentakata Prefecture which was destructively affected by Tsunami waves. We were surprised to see the volunteerism of Save Takata organization of Japan which did commendable work to bring the prefecture to full life once again. I deeply observed dedication, positivity, helpfulness and value of time among the Japanese. I also felt exactness of time utilized by All Nippon Airlines (ANA) and Bullet Train of Japan.” Showing his love and imbibing for Japanese language he used “Sayonara” & “Arigato goziamus” words for bidding bye-bye and thanks.
Congratulating Debanshu for a splendid participation, LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal said: “We are happy that our student has experienced a great participation. As participants to this program were diverse in cultural, social environments, ages, occupations and countries; Debanshu got a unique opportunity to learn great thoughts and experiences. We are proud of our great NSS volunteer and many a time blood donor Debanshu. Prior to this, he has already brought laurels to LPU by participating in the Republic Day Parade and being honoured by the President of India.”
Illustrative, in the amazing ‘Ship for World Youth’ Program 64 countries have participated with 31 ports of call having been visited so far. For an SWY program, the participants board the ship, live together, study and discuss common issues from a global perspective. Being on board and in the areas visited, student leaders also participate in various activities that involve multi-cultural and multi-national exchange opportunities. In fact, SWY aims at fostering youths to attain leadership qualities in a more internationalized society than ever. By living with other participants belonging to various cultural, regional and occupational backgrounds, one learns a more balanced and international view towards the world.