CytoGene Introduce Training in Environmental Science in U.P.

Environmental science is a multidisciplinary field that integrates the biological, physical, and earth sciences.

Online PR News – 15-March-2015 – lucknow – Environmental science is a multidisciplinary field that integrates the biological, physical, and earth sciences. Its objective is to understand how earth works and how it supports life. It also aims to identify, control, and stop disruption to its systems and species caused by human activity. When you going to make a career in Environmental science you need specific skills according to your particular course or specialist area. You will also develop a broader set of manageable skills, including:
• You must have Research and problem-solving skills;
• You have the ability of developing arguments from scientific, ethical and theoretical perspectives;
• ability to plan and manage projects;
• ability to collect, examine and communicate complex technical data to others;
• flexibility to work in all kinds of environments, developed during field-work experience;
• numerical and IT skills, developed through the application of statistics and measurement techniques;
• You must have understanding of local, national and global environmental issues.
Cytogene Research & development,Lucknow is a leading training provider in enviromental science in U.P –Lucknow ,they provide various training program in environmental science With theory classes for the basic principles and work of the instruments along with the practical’s. Student learns teach the proper handling of the instruments. Cytogene provides you complete training and understanding of all aspects of environmental science and covers many topics such as-
Understanding the earth's processes,
Utilization of Naturally important resources,
Study of climatic condition,
Study and understanding of Agricultural land and landfills,
Waste recycling
Evaluating alternative energy systems,
Pollution control and mitigation,
Natural resource management,
The importance of global water supplies, and the effects of climate change

Training Module :-

Study of simple ecosystem- ponds, rivers, hill slopes and study of common plants, insects,
Visit of different polluted sites (local polluted site-urban/rural/agricultural/ industrial) to assess their effect on pollution in ecosystem.
Identification of an acquaintance with seeds, plants, weeds and Agro –chemicals
The Solid Earth
The Atmosphere
The Biosphere
Non-Renewable Energy Sources
Energy from Coal
Energy from Petroleum and Natural Gas
Nuclear Energy
Renewable Energy Sources
Wind and Solar Energy
Geothermal and Water-derived Energy
Energy from Biofuels
Introduction to Water
Groundwater and Surface Water
Managing Water Resources

The training module is best suit for students who wish to make career in environmental science, or for those who simply want to learn more about building a sustainable existence on this planet.