Video Featuring Tarps And Surfers Becomes Huge Internet Success

A group of surfers create a way to have fun with tarps called tarp surfing.

Online PR News – 25-August-2010 – – It is hard to think of tarps as hugely popular items that garner attention and lead to videos going viral on the Internet. However, this certainly is the case now that a group of Santa Cruz residents has invented a whole new sport called tarp surfing and has posted videos for all to see on the Web.

This form of surfing had actually been around before the viral video was posted. In fact, one of the makers of the video, Homer Henard, got the idea from another YouTube video that had not reached the same level of popularity.

Henard and several of his friends decided to create a video of their own after being inspired by tarp surfing. It features a six minute montage of different people surfing a blue tarp. The poly tarps looks amazingly like real water. To help polish up the footage, the help of a film student in Los Angeles was enlisted.

Once the video hit the Web, it started getting a lot of attention. In fact, it has already received well over 1.5 million hits. Some people have even estimated that this video is now leading to a tarp surfing frenzy all over the world and that tarp sales have increased because of it. There are even plans to hold tarp surfing contests.

The video has led to a slew of other tarp surfing videos and the momentum is not decreasing at all. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can do so by purchasing a large tarp and a skateboard or longboard. Enlist the help of a friend to move the poly tarps in wavelike motions.

Although tarps have very practical and useful purposes, there are also some great creative applications. Tarp surfing is a huge hit and there is no telling what people will think of next.

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