Netxcell Limited unveils its new brand identity to compliment its growth and leadership orientation

Continuing it’s initiatives to meet the ever changing needs of it’s customers, Netxcell Limited, the leading telecom application provider, has unveiled its new branding and brand orientation exercise that not only seeks to energize the brand but also communicates the new phase in understanding the requirements of networks and operators.

Online PR News Р26-August-2010 РРIn the wake of intensive competition amongst telecom operators, it is imperative that telecom application providers are focused and lock in with the operator’s marketing and servicing needs in order to remain relevant to the operator’s business.

The new Netxcell logo and tag line - ‚ÄúSMARTER NETWORKS, SMARTER CHOICE‚ÄĚ - is reflective of the changes that have been undertaken at Netxcell to focus on the network side of the operator business.

‚ÄúThe competition in the telecom industry has reached a point, where the operator needs to sense and respond in real time to their customers. Preferences have to be mapped and solutions need to be delivered almost instantaneously. Retention of customers, by enhancing the customer experience, providing the greatest degree of flexibility and customization, is the prime driver. Netxcell has aligned itself to deliver this precise value to networks and operators, through a series of internal and external initiatives. The genesis of our new brand identity and the articulation of our tag line is aligned to our renewed approach to market‚ÄĚ said, Mr. Debasis Chatterji, CEO - Netxcell Limited.

To meet the current demands of the industry, Netxcell will leverage its market - proven technical bandwidth and team of agile, process and innovation driven telecom professionals. Coupled with the above intellectual bandwidth, a new senior management team in place, value enhanced service offerings, new partnerships and robust client base, Netxcell is well poised to meet the changing needs of the market. These dimensions of the company along with the customer facing approach have been seamlessly blended to create the new brand identity.

About the Logo

The logo symbolizes not only a new vigor and determination but also the self-assuredness in rising to the call of the world with the confidence of doing it as a team. One that is prepared to enter new frontiers with technology-driven ideas. Working in tandem, across departments, geographies and platforms the logo stands for a team that is forever ready to excel.

In the myriad heads rising to the call is akin the shaft of light splitting into a spectrum of colors. One source, many expressions. Many strengths, one single-minded delivery. In synergy the company, teams and individuals plan to rise, with healthy competition amongst all, openness in working, resilient in comebacks, the streaming heads are people who can excel. The dots signifying not just each one of Netxcell people but the pinnacles we want to achieve. The splash is about the encompassing unique footprint of impact, and when they connect up they form a network of intellect, support and focus for networks across the world.

The colors of gold and grey give the company seamless blend of self-assuredness and the willingness to absorb and change. A strong gold with the soft grey telling the world that in Netxcell you can discover resolve with resilience and firmness with focus. One that will make customers and the company excel.

About the tagline - Smarter networks, smarter choice

In this lies the larger story, for only when we understand the businesses of operators can we find our rightful place and association with them. The more we understand the operator’s business and market demands, the better placed we are to be a seamless partner. This we believe is our ongoing mission and an operator-focused imperative. To deliver successfully and consistently to this imperative Netxcell has the wherewithal. Thus standing out as a smarter choice compared to several other telecom application providers.

The re-branding through a change in the logo, tag line and a more structured website (, is an essential integrated business tool that not only facilitates business activity but also serves as an impactful source of information for prospective clients.

The company has an impressive portfolio of mobile VAS solutions like Interactive Voice Portal System/Service, Missed Call Alert (MCA), GPRS Activation & Usage Management System/Service, Subscription Services on SMS/USSD/Voice, SMS Gateways, etc. for Mobile Operators.

About Netxcell
Netxcell Limited, a telecom application provider promoted by Prathima group, has been in the forefront of pioneering and developing niche value added products and solutions for the mobile space and productivity enabling solutions for the enterprises. Netxcell’s evolution as a niche telecom application provider, since its inception in 2000, has seen the company deliver cutting edge and innovative technology and content aggregation solution to leading cellular providers across the globe - including pioneering efforts such as cricket on mobile, advertising on mobile, exam results and budget related content.

Armed with a strong equity of proven technology expertise, real-time delivery, global partnerships and understanding of customer requirements, Netxcell is well positioned as a partner of choice to cater to the needs of the dynamic global wireless technology markets.