Roskamp Institute of Sarasota Leads Frontline Researches on Alzheimer disease

The responsible for some of the latest advances in its understanding and treatment. this scientist is renowned in the medical world for the advance

Online PR News – 13-March-2015 – Sarasota, Florida -34243 – Sarasota, February, 13th,2015: Any life on this earth is bound by the cycle of aging and associated loss of vitality is the most common of characteristic that starts to manifest. It is the one of the fundamental life facets that none can escape. However, it happens many a times that some critical illness strikes as the person ages which cause serious life and living aberrations of disabling types.

While med care is available for most of the disease conditions, many are still to be fixed. Alzheimer disease is one neuro degenerative condition that is characterized by the loss of the neuro functions (like memory loss, dementia, behavioral losses) progressively with the prime cause of it still unknown.

Michael Mullan has emerged as the global authority on the pioneering research programs on Alzheimer’s disease and other associated neuro psychiatric disorders. Presently, he is Chief Executive Officer of Sarasota, Florida based Roskamp Institute as also CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Archer Pharmaceuticals and President Sci Brain. For having complete academic and current research profiles of him visit the web page at: earned fame as a biomedical researcher for the beta amyloid protein and how it is linked to the incidence and progression of the Alzheimer’s disease. His research work served to generate valuable insights into the hitherto unknown causes of this neuro degenerative disease.

After obtaining his medicine degree from London University, he later worked his doctorate from there in the filed of molecular genetics. Under his leadership Roskamp Institute delved deeply to find out correlation of various potential factors with the loss of mental health with the main objective of finding out the healthy ways of aging for people.

A renowned mental health journal of UK talks of Dr Mullan as one of the leading researchers of Alzheimer’s disease, more particularly the authentic and rational research programs that have been initiated under his inspiring leadership.

The journal says, “Michael Mullan’ Roskamp Institute has to its credit some of the valuable research initiatives like the Vision Research Program which seeks to establish the correlation between the progression of the vision impairments through losses in visual cortex, optic nerve and the CNS as the neuro degenerative disease progresses. They are doing great job to lay down foundations for effective prospective research maneuvers by the young bio medical talent.”

Roskamp institute has been in the forefront in the last decade for leading some of innovative studies as for restoring the mental health in the aging persons by identifying the factors that otherwise act as the irritants. The institute has a well developed and authentic Clinical Trials Division that runs pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals trials with the volunteering candidates together will all the associated compensations and escorts for them. The results, they have achieved are dynamic and much talked about in the researchers’ community.

The journal also elaborated upon the other noted attempts by the institute through the following words – “Roskamp institute of Sarasota, Florida also runs dedicated Memory Clinics, a Memory Center, Gulf War Illness Program, and Traumatic Brain Injury Research Program.”

The Institute under Michael Mullan has taken significant strides in the research of Alzheimer disease; to know more of the institute and its programs visit the web page at: .


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