Bioceuticals ImmunoFactors for Juniors helps heal the common cold

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Online PR News – 13-March-2015 – Brunswick west – Does your child have constant symptoms of sneezing, coughing and a runny nose? Well, then your child might probably have the common cold. Some children have this sickness more often than others. This might be because they have a weak immune system, thus making them more susceptible to catching a cold often. And recovering from such and illness may take a lot of time, leaving your child unable to go to go to school or do any activity.

Fortunately, you can now buy medicines like Bioceuticals ImmunoFactors for Juniors, which assist the immune system to battle viruses that cause the flu. This medicine is available in a powder form, making it easy for children to have orally. They also come in tasty watermelon and berry flavors, so that your child will not make fusses while taking the medicine. All you need to do is mix one spoon scoop of the powder with water and give it to your child. They will find instant relief from their nasal congestion and cold symptoms after having this special powder.

Bioceuticals ImmunoFactors for Juniors also helps to support the immune system of children by boosting their body’s natural defense system. It contains vitamins A and C, plus zinc and quercetin which help strengthen immunity. What’s more, the ingredient Elderberry that is used in this, is a herbal medicine that is used to treat sinus congestion and nasal catarrh. Bioceuticals ImmunoFactors for Juniors is available in a size of 150g bottle with Union Square Pharmacy in West Brunswick. For best results, it is recommended that you mix one scoop of this powder with water or juice and give it to the child once or twice a day. Adults can also have this medicine but will need to mix at least two scoops of the powder with water and drink.