My Life With A Westie

A new book about westies contains real life short stories, how-to practical manual helping you keep your westie healthy and happy for long year, answers to crucial questions received from people having a west highland white terrier or planning to get one, and useful resources, advice and tips.

Online PR News – 06-September-2009 – – Real Life Short Stories & Real Westie Manual

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New Book goes public on 10th September 2009:
My Life With A Westie by Irena Whitfield

"West Highland White Terriers become more and more popular among people looking for a dog friend. The reasons are several and quite obvious. Westies are very attractive and seem to be easy to live with.

However, there are several major pitfalls threatening their lives if you don't have the right information on how to treat them well. They're quite delicate and many people lose their friend unnecessarily because they simply didn't know whether a westie was the right dog for them and whether they were the right owners for a westie.

On the other hand, they can be dangerous: they look like a plush toy, hairy and cuddly, and people do not realise that it is a terrier that bites and can hurt them seriously if not handled right.

At first I started this Book for entertainment only but later I decided to include a proper manual and answers to most frequent and practical questions I receive from many people since I opened this site.

I should admit that I myself received my Drixi over 16 years ago and didn't know a proper thing about westies. I had to learn everything the hard way. It's pure luck I managed to learn in time and Drixi survived. I don't recommend to immitate my way. It's much better to learn before you acquire a westie.

I hate to scare you but you wouldn't believe how many dogs around us die just because their owners didn't know what they should about their friends.

With my book you get all the vital information to prevent such an unnecessary loss and sorrow." writes Whitfield in the Introduction.

Since 2000 Irena Whitfield, an entrepreneur in business for over 20 years, has been successfully marketing her online business on the Internet and helping people to start, develop and run a profitable online home business providing personal coaching courses.

Over time, Whitfield realized that, though not a veterinarian, she could help others with advice, learning and knowledge acquired from her rich life experience with a westie, so she decided to write 'My Life With A Westie' as a support, help and manual for those who want to solve their problems they have with their westies or want to create a new happy home for a westie they wish to adopt.

Written in an amuzing and funny style, 'My Life With A Westie' is a useful, practical and crucial manual accompanied by a wealth of related reading and resources. Easy to read, easy to understand and easy to follow it gives step-by-step real-life advice to everyone seeking help or just information about west highland white terriers, but also reveals shocking secrets, facts and pieces of information not many people know of.

'Every day I receive tens of questions and help requests from people who already have a westie or people who think of getting one but need answers to questions before they do. I, of course try and answer and respond BUT in fact, this inspired me to write and publish this book. The book also contains answers to all of the most frequent questions and problems people may encounter when they adopt a westie.

If you don't understand terriers or don't try to learn, there is no way to create a happy life together. And my book definitely shows how to and helps in every possible situation.' says Irena Whitfield.

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Irena Whitfield, westie sister and partner, is the webmistress of and , and Internet Business Consultant helping people to succeed in their online home business providing them with complete solutions, incl courses, consultations, webmaster resources, services, books, software and all the tools vital for every small business seeking success and profit in today's highly competitive entrepreneurial environment.

The book is available in two Editions:
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# printed, paperback, by clicking here.

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