Visual Impact Systems Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Visual Impact Systems (Visual IMPACT!), a full-service marketing firm, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Here's a brief history of the company.

Online PR News – 13-March-2015 – Royal Oak, Michigan – Visual Impact Systems (Visual IMPACT!), a full-service visual communications firm, is celebrating its 25th anniversary on March 13, 2015. They have gone through a lot of changes during their history, and had a few notable pioneering ‘firsts’ during their first 25 years.

Founded on March 13, 1990, Visual Impact Systems was a pioneer in the “color desktop publishing” revolution. At that time, the color ‘world’ on the desktop was “black art,” so Visual Impact Systems became a “Value-Added Reseller” for a variety of products, and became a “systems integrator” to provide complete integrated solutions consisting of hardware, software, training, networking, and maintenance. Visual Impact Systems installed many of these systems in advertising agencies and marketing communications firms in the early 1990’s.

Having been shown the capabilities of the Visual IMPACT! color system, the Campbell-Mithun-Esty advertising agency confidently had Visual Impact Systems produce the 1990 Chrysler Annual Report on their specialized Macintosh-based color pre-press system—the first-ever annual report to be created entirely on a desktop computer.

To broaden their capabilities, Visual Impact Systems founded a separate “virtual corporation” they called “3517” (“Visible, Inc.”) in 1993. It consisted of six independent companies highly skilled in all facets of communication and in the creative processes (Visual Impact Systems; Vision Production; Regis Communications; Potter Productions; Tone International Music; Melinda Cooper Associates). It provided a single-source solution, with the creative benefits similar to an advertising agency, but with an ‘a la carte’ flexibility for the client to choose which products and services they actually needed—and the expertise to integrate the multiple disciplines with the cost-effectiveness and responsiveness of a ‘boutique’ production studio.

In mid 1993, Visual Impact Systems was one of only a dozen of Apple VARs in the world that were allowed to sell the Radius "VideoVision" digital video editing system. [ Take a look at the first demo video we did on the system: ]. Visual Impact Systems has been doing video productions ever since.

A few months later, in late 1993, Visual Impact Systems launched its first web site (as part of the “3517” group)—one of the first 10,000 sites on the newly available “World Wide Web.” [ Take a look at it here: ].

In mid 1994, in conjunction with a few of the ‘partners’ in the “3517” group, we produced our first “interactive” computer presentations (for “Kraft” and “National Bank of Detroit”) that were distributed on “floppy” disks! In 1995, they supplied a ‘large-scale’ interactive kiosk for a trade show client. Visual Impact Systems has been doing interactive productions ever since.

With the introduction of the portable “open frame” pop-up display and the “retractable” banner stand—both invented by Expand International—Visual Impact Systems started supplying these and other trade show products, in 1997, to offer companies the ability to communicate their branding message with a large and impressive impact—in an easy-to-use and cost effective way.

On our ‘birthday’ in 2008, we launched a our new web site built on the ‘latest and greatest’ technology at the time, “iFrames.” Then, again on our ‘birthday’ in 2013, before it was ‘popular’, we launched our new web site with the ability to be “mobile responsive”—automatically ‘reformatting’ the layout based on which device it is being viewed on (phone, tablet, or computer). Visual Impact Systems continues to be a pioneer in web site development, and aids companies update their web sites to the latest technologies.

Today, March 13, 2015, on our 25th anniversary, we are ‘proud’ of what we have accomplished, and look forward to being on the ‘leading edge’ of communication technologies.

To read more detail about Visual Impact Systems’ 25-year history, visit a special page on their web site:

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We refer to our creative method of "changing a company's marketing impact" as "Transformaction," and use M.C. Escher's "Metamorphosis II" lithograph to visualize that concept. It shows how something can change from one form to another in a fluent and 'evolving' way—just as we do with a company's marketing message.

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