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Play Store is the place where you can find the largest area of Android world. Google is the owner

Online PR News – 13-March-2015 – UK – Play Store is the place where you can find the largest area of Android world. Google is the owner and the owner of this place packed with all kinds of games and applications that can search, find and download for free whatever that is for a mobile or smartphone, or is for a tablet.

Previously Play Store Android Market was called, and as now, not only will spot thousands of games and applications, but also have the chance to find music, ebooks that you are able to read on your device, or rent all type of film.

Android has a very direct and close relationship with Google Play, because without the area of downloads of Google, the operating system does not seem as attractive as it is today. This is evident when these moments are far exceeds the amount of one million registered applications, all ready to download them and install them on your device.
Another quality of Play Store , you're going to see all applications, organized by category, which will be very simple and easy to find what you want and need for your mobile phone or smartphone or for your tablet, or simply because you have heard or seen someone and want to have it your own.

Usually you'll'll find that when purchasing a mobile device using the Android operating system , comes with the application of Play Store built, but it can also be that you could find that does not come, so you'll have to install it.

Although this may seem strange it is not that much as Google calls for quality requirements are met on their devices, and in case not, do not incorporate default application Play Store . In short, any manufacturer who wants to incorporate this application, you will have to purchase a license paying for her to put on your device this popular application.

Keep in mind that the act of acquiring these licenses, makes the cost of the device is more expensive, which makes many Asian brands may not incorporate compete in the market at lower prices.

Although really seems preferable to acquire the mobile device at a lower cost, just to have that application installed in Play Store for yourself, especially considering that this application of Google, you'll be able to download and install the all times you want.

If you need to download Play Store either you did not have the device, or if you had to reinstall it, here we leave you how.

First of all, you'll have to know what version of Android system incorporating your device. To know this, you're just going to have to access the menu part of your system, and then put you in the Settings. You still there, getting in the end, the option that says "About device", or you can also find the name "Phone Info" appears.

Now you must be attentive to the information that will appear on this option. Google Play is compatible with your mobile , if you have the version of Android 2.2 system or any higher. On the other hand, if your version is below 2.2, you'll need access through the previous version of Google Play, ie Android Market 2.3.6. which is his latest and most current version.

Having taken into account as explained above, must follow a series of steps.
First you must go to the Settings on your mobile device, and let smartphone or tablet to subsequently access the security option, where you'll have to activate one of the options listed under the name Allow installation of applications from unknown sources, what then really you will not have trouble you can install all kinds of applications APK files. This type of files whose termination or extension is APK, is used as the executable file type by Android systems.

The second step is to download the application or file from Google Play with APK extension through two options such as download the latest version of Play Store APK and save it to the SD card, or you also have the ability to perform the download to your PC, and later using a USB cable type, copy the file to the SD card from your mobile device. Although this second step is somewhat more laborious, it is equally effective.
Now you have your application in APK format for your mobile device to your SD card. To access it, use a file browser or browser you sure you also have the default on your system. When you find your file downloaded through the file browser, run it. You will see in a few seconds, you'll have Play Store installed. Before finishing this installation, you will see how some questions related to the safety of your device appear.

From that moment on your mobile device, whether mobile phone, smartphone or tablet, you'll enjoy this great application, which will allow access to a huge world full of all kinds of games and applications spread over different categories.