Higosoft Web Player for Windows is unveiled by Higosoft Inc. now.

Higosoft Web Player for Windows is available for all Windows users. Go and get Higosoft Web Player for Windows to publish video online so that you could share the precious video with your friends and family.

Online PR News – 26-August-2010 – – Higosoft Web Player for Windows is released by Higosoft Inc, which is specially developed to provide you a solution to publish video online in professional and amazing web video player.
Higosoft Web Player for Windows is a web video player and web video publishing tool, enabling you to publish video in amazing web video player and embed the generated web video player onto website. If you want to have more details, please visit http://www.higosoft.com/higosoft-web-player-for-win.html.

What can Higosoft Web Player for Windows do for you?

1. Author and publish videos to website in personalized web video player without using Youtube and other video sharing service.

2. Plenty of professional and graceful web video skins for you to choose.

3. Able to add various ads over video to monetize videos or promote your products and services.

Higosoft Web Player for Windows has two different versions, Basic and Premium version. As for the difference, Higosoft Web Player Premium allows you to add custom ad onto your videos, and attach your own hyperlink on your added ads such as image, flv, swf, text ad, whereas Higosoft Web Player Basic can’t make it.

Once you get Higosoft Web Player, you could add videos to your website and blog, which could greatly increase your website usability and interactivity, thus it could draw more and more visitors to your website. Higosoft Web Player is a must-have tool for webmaster and website administrator to publish video online, just with Higosoft Web Player, they don’t need other video publishing tools. They are able to present video tutorial online to show how to do something, post product presentation online to introduce the product to more customers.

Features of Higosoft Web Player For Windows:

1. Help user publish video to website and then embed amazing web video player online
2. Able to add ads to monetize the video
3. Built in with plentiful web video player templates
4. Support extending the function of Higosoft Web Player for Window by importing external plug-ins.
5. Easy to use and intuitive, just copy and paste html embed code to your webpage to embed web video player online as easy as counting 1-2-3.

Homepage: http://www.higosoft.com/