New Website Allows Golfers to Compete Worldwide And Against the Pros, Offers Free Membership

Worldwide Virtual Golf, a new website that allows golfers to compete against each other globally, has launched a Free Membership promotion for a limited time.

Online PR News – 11-March-2015 – Phoenix, AZ – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Worldwide Virtual Golf, a brand new and game-changing website that finally allows golfers to compete against each other globally, is announcing that that it has launched a Free Membership promotion to jump start it’s user base. For a limited time, anyone can sign up for with the Free Membership code, which gives the user one full year of service on the site. Anyone can sign up for the website, and no credit card information is necessary for redeeming the Free Membership code.

Worldwide Virtual Golf, which launched in early 2015, aims to connect golfers from around the world through both global and private tournaments. The golfing, courses, and scores are all real, with the Tournaments being the only virtual aspect of the service. “Hosting golf competitions over the Internet has several key advantages for golfers,” said Scott Beaver, CEO of Worldwide Virtual Golf, “including more flexibility as to where they play, when they play, and who they play with. It also allows amateur golfers to compete against the Pro’s for the first time.” The central feature that makes competition possible between different courses is the advanced WVG Handicap Algorithm. When golf scores are submitted, the algorithm calculates a new score based on the golfer’s skill, rather than a specific course’s Slope. The varying difficulties between courses are factored out, leaving a score that only represents how well the player preformed that round.

Members of the site can host a friendly tournament between old college friends across the country, compete in weekly Worldwide Tournaments, or participate in the Pro Tournaments where members can tee up against the professionals themselves in the four major PGA championships. The first Pro Tournament, the appropriately named Augusta Open, will end on the 12th of April, after The Masters has concluded. The site also features the ability to create Groups of acquainted golfers, host and join private tournaments, and a forum where users can discuss anything golf related. Invitation emails to private tournaments can quickly be sent to Group participants, and members have an ongoing collection of trophies that commemorate their wins.

The Free Membership promotion will last until March 30th, 2015, and the code and instructions for redeeming can be found here:

Worldwide Virtual Golf
4500 S Lakeshore Dr. #420
Tempe, AZ 85282
(480) 415 8794