Benzo Fury Pellets Aka 6-APB From Most Online Websites Are Fake

Benzo Fury Pellets aka 6-APB the latest research chemicals are fake

Online PR News – 07-September-2010 – – The latest research chemical and currently the most popular product is called 6-APB or Benzo Fury. The controversy surrounding the purchase of this product from wesites was ignited by companies selling fake Benzo fury. The product was not what was advertised and in some cases previously banned chemicals.

When people Buy Benzo Fury they have no idea what to expect as nothing has really been provided into its background. The first thing that people should be aware of is that Benzo Fury come as a 'pellet' and not as a capsule. This should send out warning signals straight away for people receiving a product and it does not resemble the described 'pellet' form.
Benzo fury pellets cost on average £6 a pellet at wholesale, add on postage, packaging and advertising cost and the economics just don't add up. Which leads to the question; If people buy Benzo Fury for £10 what are the chances that they have bought Benzo fury?

The same problem occurred with MDAT another new research chemical. When buying MDAT chances are that it is lesser product or a previously banned product.

Wide mouth frog are now leading the way by allowing customers to see chemical analysis reports that verify the product that are sold. When people now Buy Benzo Fury they are able to see the batch purchased the product came from on the website via a Customer log-in. The report is available for MDAT, Benzo Fury also known as 6-APB, Dimethocaine and 5 IAI and will extend across the whole product range.

WMF are hoping that this will eradicate unscrupulous websites sell consumers the wrong products online.

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