Wooxie: 240-1440 Characters Macro & 155 Micro. It's Twitter & Woofer on Steroids

The Micro-Macroblogging Social Network Wooxie allows users to post short messages (up to 155 characters) and offers a GO Macro feature for 240-1440 character messages. This is a one of a kind feature to give options to users on the go and uncramp the users ready to rant, rave, post excerpts from books, etc.

Online PR News – 05-September-2009 – – Wooxie is a new social network that continues to roll out custom -- one of a kind features in order to keep users coming back for more. Each time a user revisits the site, Wooxie has something new and of value to offer. The new micro-macroblogging social network hybrid allows users to visit one site to accomplish their needs - short or less restricted messaging.

The default on a Wooxie post is the Micro-blogging feature. You can use this feature for a post up to 155 characters. The Macro-blogging feature is a button directly under the post box: GO Macro! If you click the GO Macro option, you can send posts using 240-1440 characters. After posting Macro, the post is flagged so all users will know the difference between Micro's & Macro's. Both features allow the use of Wooxie's custom URL shortener, and speak feature. The speak feature flags the writer of each post and makes them aware of other users making comments about the post. Users can post speak comments using emoticons in order to express their feelings.

Wooxie is themed after the nickname of a real living family dog. And is NOT to be confused with the Anti-Twitter clone Woofertime. Wooxie is Free social network that requires account verification and username/password prior to logging in to use their free service.

New members are expected to start flocking to the Wooxie network due to the multiple messaging options. The other features are plentiful so once user joins, they are expected to stay a long time. Users can also feature fans and their following, use personal and business photo galleries, post links in business galleries, use a custom url shortener, follow and sign-up by category, plus much more.

If you want to post in Micro (up to 155 characters) or a Macro (240-1440 characters), this new social networking site is worth checking out http://Wooxie.com

Wooxie is a Free Network: http://Wooxie.com

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