DJ Cadillac Jack Releases Notorious BIG Tribute

DJ Cadillac's project, a video compilation in tribute to late rapper Notorious B.I.G. releases on

March 9th, the anniversary of the rappers death.

Online PR News – 11-March-2015 – Philadelphia, PA – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Philadelphia (March 2015)-DJ Cadillac Jack is gearing up to release his newest project, a tribute

to Notorious B.I.G in the form of a visual mixtape. This visual mixtape will pay homage to the

late B.I.G with a compilation of music videos. Listeners can expect to see classics from B.I.G's

first two albums, as well as hits that the late rapper was featured on.

The late Brooklyn bred rapper made a name for his self with his gritty lyrics painting pictures of

life on the streets of his Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. His music won him multiple Source,

and Billboard awards as well as multiple Grammy nominations. He was slain in a shooting in

1997 leaving behind a legacy of music that has bridged the gap of generations. The mixtape will

be dropped on March 9th which is the anniversary or B.I.G's death.

DJ Cadillac Jack has been a longtime fan of B.I.G and followed the rappers work up until his

death in 1997. It's this admiration that led to the inspiration for this tribute mix. DJ Cadillac Jack

encourages anyone who is a fan on BIG to check this mix out. It's hopes that this visual mix not

only resparks the memories BIG's fans may have of the artist and his legend, but the love of

good music also.

"If you're a Biggie fan, you're bound to enjoy this mixtape. It's got all the hits, the classics."

This visual mixtape will be available on YouTube and

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