Intus Window Manufacturer Explains What Consumers Need to Know About Buying Energy-Efficient Windows

Intus Windows, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient windows, says that installing energy-efficient windows is an expense that can pay off in the end.

Online PR News – 10-March-2015 – New York, New York – According to Aurimas Sabulis, managing director of Intus Windows (" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of energy-efficient triple pane windows, anyone who has decided that their windows need replacing, needs to know the facts so that they can get the best bang for their buck and choose the most energy efficient window option possible.

“The range for energy-efficient window pricing is wide,” says Sabulis. “The most basic energy efficient window on the market starts at around $120 for a 36-inch-by-72-inch, single-hung window. At the other end of the spectrum, the price can be as much as ten times that amount.”

However, Sabulis says that it is important for homeowners to recognize that the window products on the low end of the spectrum are far less energy efficient than the windows at the other end. That’s why it is important, he says, to choose wisely when it comes to new energy efficient windows.

“Although that might sound like a pretty big, unattainable cost for some, it doesn’t mean the numbers can’t make sense,” he explains. “A complete window replacement is one of the best home remodeling projects when it comes to your return on investment. For certain types of energy efficient windows, a property owner can recoup 72.9% of the project cost in added home value, and that doesn’t even include the money saved in energy costs.”

Sabulis says that while the most energy efficient windows on the market are usually the most expensive, it is not necessary to buy the most expensive window product to realize a measured savings on utility bills or improve the comfort of your home.

“Keep in mind, however, that energy savings and the performance your super energy efficient window can vary widely, both by climate, the energy efficiency of the windows purchased and the windows being replaced,” Sabulis says. “Thankfully, Intus Windows offers a wide range of energy efficient windows made for specific climate zones and they offer window and door solutions that can improve the energy efficiency of any home.”

Intus Windows (" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow"> is a pioneer in manufacturing and distributing super energy-efficient windows and doors in the United States. Driven by technology, innovation, and continuous progress Intus Windows energy-efficient windows, doors, and curtain walls lines will fit any commercial, residential or industrial application, and they are Passive House Certified and suitable. For the past 21 years the company has manufactured and installed more than 800,000 windows and doors all over the world, with main export markets in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. Today, with a manufacturing facility in Lithuania, Intus has entered into the super energy-efficient window market here in the United States. For more information, call 1-888-380-9940.

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