New iPhone App: Zoomr is Winning Audiences with Self-Destructing Images, Chats and Full Anonymity

The Zoomr App for iPhone lets you post self-destructing photos, comment and chat in private with full anonymity and confidence that content will be gone soon.

Online PR News – 11-March-2015 – Sydney, Australia – A free app for iPhone, Zoomr has just been released on AppStore and is quickly gaining an audience. The main features offered in the app are complete anonymity and self-destructing posts, comments and chats. Although some features are similar to popular apps like Whisper or Snapchat, Zoomr promises extended functionality that should be interesting to a broader audience.

“There are many fun ways to use the app. For instance, you can gather opinion on your new hairstyle, outfit, accessories and such by posting a selfie for everyone to see,” says Anna Clark of Zoomr. “You can be sure the anonymous feedback will be genuine, unlike what you’d hear from your friends who may want to spare your feelings. Knowing what’s hot and what’s not can help your self-confidence and make you the star of a party or social gathering. Likewise, you could get comments on home design ideas, hobbies or crafts, and pretty much anything you may want independent opinion on. The app’s purpose is very versatile!”

Zoomr lets a person create an absolutely anonymous profile that is linked to the user’s iPhone and can’t be accessed from any other device. Starting with the app takes seconds, as it automatically suggests a username and profile picture. Users can post photos that can be viewed, commented and rated by everyone. Posts can be sorted for viewing by popularity, timestamp or location. Private chats let users make new friends and set up IRL meets.

The main idea of the app is that all posts, comments and chats are erased in 48 hours, which helps keep content from spreading online and helps users remain anonymous. When someone wants to keep certain posts or comments, they can take screenshots to save on their device for keeping.

The Zoomr app is available for free from the Apple AppStore. More information on the app can be found at, promotions are often run on the app’s Facebook page at

Company Background
Zoomr is an Australian startup that began as a project within a well-known publisher of PC optimization software for Microsoft Windows®. A team of 6 driven individuals had been working on the Zoomr app for iPhones since September of 2014 and finally launched it this February. Another successful iOS app project by the Zoomr team is ShutterBee – a photo-sharing and trip-logging app for travelers. More information on the Zoomr app is available at