Unique Sports- & Surf-Inspired Fashion Accessories

Three unique “wrist bags” give athletes and beachcombers style, protection, and convenience for their outdoor activities.

Online PR News – 26-August-2010 – – Australia — August 23rd, 2010 — Going Dancing, an emerging worldwide fashion accessories leader, recently announced the arrival of three new unique fashion accessories to their already heralded line of designer handbags and other stylish products. The new accessories – inspired by active lifestyles – join their Showstopper brand of innovative wrist bags, which attach like a watch to a person’s wrist and alleviate the need for a cumbersome bag, purse, or wallet when planning an excursion to the beach, jogging track, or hiking trail. The three new Showstoppers – the large Sports Showstopper, small Sports Showstopper, and Surf Showstopper, are poised to be the biggest seller in the southern hemisphere for the upcoming summer season, and worldwide for all stylish athletes.

The Surf Showstopper
Your browser may not support display of this image. The Surf Showstopper, which is available in both small and large, offers a completely new series of fashion accessories designed to tackle the conditions – and inconveniencies – of the beach. It features plenty of storage and easy access to several different sized pockets, providing the valuable space for your essentials that you never have room for when going to the beach. A capacious, zip-front pocket holds your money, I.D. card or driver’s license, sun block, car keys, and a cell phone – ideal for women who want to don a skimpy bikini to the beach without having to worry about how to carry all of their valuables. And due to the fact that the Surf Showstopper wraps easily around your wrist, worrying about your valuables being stolen off of the beach no longer has to be a preoccupation.

The Sports Showstopper
Your browser may not support display of this image. Offering men and women a durable, minimalist athletic style and texture for athletes and people on the go, the Sports Showstopper features rugged, sporty materials in a streamlined matte black. The Sports Showstopper offers incredibly easy access to all of your essentials, as well as the ease of keeping all of your stuff secure around your wrist. The Sports Showstopper is ideal for motorcyclists, bikers, hikers, fishermen, and anyone else who needs a safe, convenient way to bring along their valuables to their next outing.

Both the new Surf and Sports Showstoppers, as well as a wide range of other fashion accessories, are available for purchase on the Going Dancing website, and the company is offering FREE shipping on all orders worldwide.

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