is a marketing solution for Event Organizers
08/26/2010 is set to be the grassroot marketing utility for event organizers and promoters around the world.

Online PR News – 26-August-2010 – – This is Daniel - Daniel has an event to promote that he knows you have just got to attend; it’s bound to be the killer event of the year! But how to get the word out?

Daniel goes to create a emailing campaign, create web banners and widgets. He has some flyers to distribute, and Posters of indoor and outdoor. he uses the 7 channels of to create all his campaigns materials. From now Daniel could send his material to his own contacts, post his banners to his website and blog.

But the most exciting part of Daniel promotional effort starts when he starts send referral requests to his peers and his networks asking them to use their communication channels to spread the word about his event.

Peers who accepted to refer Daniel events forward his emailing campaign to their contacts with an introduction message, posted his banner and widget to their websites and blog, updated their Facebook and myspace profile with his event message. Peers who can distribute flyers, or hang indoor and outdoor poster, asked Daniel to send them some quantity to distribute.

Can you hear this "hummmmmmm", it's all the buzz going around about Daniel events.

Let be Concrete with numbers and bottom line results.

For emailing only, Suppose Daniel has 15 peers who are willing to accept his promotional campaign for his event -- and each of them has only about 200 contacts, Daniel will easily reach over 3,000 people - just like that - for Free!

Now take it a step further, say Daniel joins 5 networks, each with 30 members. If each of those 150 peers also has about 200 contacts, then Daniel can reach a total of 30,000 people - again for FREE!

No kidding this system works - one member recently generated $31,670.00 of advance ticket sales in just 90 minutes! is the magical tool for events promotion. You have in one place the event promotions tools and your partners who will help you. And you have detailed statistics about how peers are helping you to reach your goal.

Before we conclude, let me summary the main benefits of

1. Save time: Your partners and your events promotion tools in one place.

2. Reach new audience: your message reaches people who you will never hear about you without your peers referrals.

3. Less Sweat, Less Stress, Less effort, less sweat for event promotion.

4. Something money can't buy: stop worrying about attendance, sell more advance sale tickets, and pack your events.

Receive referrals worth thousand of dollars for Free.

Now, Local bands network in London, New York, Chicago are using Internet events organizers are using to recommend peers events with astounding results. Big cities in Europe and the USA are using to leverage their Sister cities network to promote their city events abroad.

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