Be Aware of The Dangers Of Wet Basements, Cracked or Bowed Walls and Damp Crawl Spaces

Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair, is an authorized dealer for the basement repair company, Basement Systems.

Online PR News – 25-August-2010 – – Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair, is an authorized dealer for the basement repair company, Basement Systems. Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair can reliably and economically solve basement and foundation problems. In addition, Kansas Basement and Foundation repair offers a twenty year warranty on its work and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

El Dorado, KS – [Date release goes over the wire] -

Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair, located in El Dorado, Kansas, close to Wichita, Kansas City, and Topeka provides complete foundation, basement and crawl space repairs. They service the entire states of Kansas and Missouri.

Foundation Repair:
Foundation failure is a dangerous condition that barring a foundation repair can lead to substantial damage to your home. Many people in Kansas, faced with foundation repair rebuild their foundations. This is a very costly undertaking and often does not address the original problem so in a short amount of time your walls are bowed or cracking again. Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair provides an affordable way to repair the problem. By using the most advanced technology developed by Foundation Support Works instead of rebuilding the foundation, we repair your foundation using Foundation Support Works, Piers and Anchors. We guarantee our work for twenty years.

Cracked or Bowed Walls

Usually, a contractor will suggest that the solution for a cracked or bowed wall is to rebuild it. This rarely is the proper fix and it is expensive. Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair repairs cracked and bowed walls by installing wall anchors that not only properly fix the problem but are far less expensive than replacing a cracked or bowed wall.

Basement Waterproofing
In the state of Kansas, geological conditions contribute to wet basements. Homeowners, in search of recovering space, eliminating mildew and maintaining resale value look to contractors to install basement waterproofing systems.

While there are numerous ways to accomplish basement waterproofing only Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair offers a patented system, Waterguard by Basement Systems, for basement waterproofing.

The patented Basement Systems Waterguard System is the system of choice. WaterGuard is a piping system designed especially for the correction of wet basements- Engineered to prevent the occurrence of problems that may be encountered using other kinds of repairs.

The addition of a Basement Systems sump pump to your patented Waterguard System will increase the value of your home. Our pumps do not smell nor are they ugly. Working with your Waterguard system your basement will always be dry.

Moisture Control
A damp, smelly crawl space is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. A Basement Systems moisture control dehumidifier will prevent the build up of moisture, keep your home smelling clean and fresh and avoid mold problems. Mold is quite difficult to get rid of, it is expensive to remove and if not removed presents a significant health threat. A moisture control system will help maintain the value of your home.

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