Indiana Foundation Service Launches New Products

Indiana Foundation Service Launches New Products

Online PR News – 25-August-2010 – – Company Creates New Blog

WHITELAND, Indiana. - August 19, 2010 IDS - Indiana Service Foundation introduces three new products and a blog.

Indiana Service Foundation has provided foundation repair for home owners in Indiana for around 14 years now. Indiana Foundation Service is a foundation repair contractor that offers the best solutions in basement waterproofing and finishing. In some states such as Indiana, climate conditions contribute to breaks in the foundation such as bowed cracked walls and foundation settling. Indiana Foundation Service provides solutions to meet these challenges. With their new products, they continue to be the leader in foundation repair. Here are some key features of their new products.

1. Foundation Support Works

Foundation Anchors and Piers: Indiana Service Foundation provides a cost-effective way to correct foundation problems. They insert anchors and piers into the earth to reinforce and rebuild a strong foundation. This new product is great because it has been tested to bear heavy loads. The process of using these products is not intrusive to the present landscape of the client. Using anchors and piers is a fast, but effective way to sustain and maintain the structure of the home.

2. Basement Systems

Basement Waterproofing Systems: Indiana Service Foundation provides solutions for basement structural damage to homes. Dampness is often times the greatest contributor to basement damage. Water seeps into the floor and causes problems that affect health and the foundation and construction of the home. Using Waterguard by Basement Systems, Indiana Service Foundation will dry your basement fast. IFS provides a free inspection and basement analysis. They use a high-quality pumping system to extract water and odor. To prevent further damage to the foundation, they use a Waterguard system to keep water from seeping back into the basement.

3. Waterguard Systems

Waterguard is designed to be a drainage channel. Waterguard has a patented, practical design. It is good for all types of foundations such as concrete, stone, and block. "Water enters the WaterGuard system via holes on the wall side and flows into the sump pump and away from you basement and home. Basement waterproofing using WaterGuard conduit to a quiet Triple Safe sump pump or quiet Super Sump pump system or other drain" (ISF). Waterguard is guaranteed to be a safe solution for your basement. With this system, your basement will stay dry and clean; and it leaves you with storage space.

4. The Indiana Foundation service Blog –
Indiana Service Foundation offers a new platform to inform its customers on the problems associated with basement structural damage. Customers can read articles written by Indiana Foundation Service and submit their own comments about the company. The articles the company writes are informative and instructional. They have written the following articles for their customers and the web community:

A. Basement Swimming Pool
B. Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Science
C. What Cells Form a Tough Waterproofing Material
D. How to Stop Water from Leaking into your Home
E. Save Energy and Stop Mold Growth
F. Triple Safe Quiet Sump Pump
G. Sump Pump
H. Mold, Mildew, Musty Smell Under Your Home
I. Foundation Repair, Indiana Foundation Contractor
J. Crawl Space Moisture

These articles represent useful tips for the consumer and they provide more information about the company's services and products visit them today at

Indiana Service Foundation offers a 20-year warranty on piers and anchors and it offers an Internal French Drain. Estimates are available for Indiana and across the country. Visit the website at for more information about product features.