Agriya announces the new add-on module for Rayzz Video sharing

The new add-on module for Rayzz video sharing called Mugshot avatar module is out of the lab to let site users capture anything they see through their webcam and set their own picture as avatar.

Online PR News – 05-September-2009 – – Agriya is pleased to announce the launch of its add-on module for Rayzz Video Sharing, a script that helps in building a pure video sharing site. They christened the module “Mugshot avatar”, from the name you can very well conclude that it is made for setting avatars on site. Not only avatar setting, with this module site users can capture more pictures using their webcam.

The Mugshot Avatar module lets site users to capture whatever they see through their webcam and store them on site. This feature will definitely make your users feel happy as they can easily capture their picture and have it as an avatar at anytime. In general, people have to capture photos using camera, save them to their system and then upload those photos to sites. But, with this module users can directly save the captured pictures to the site which will greatly reduce time.

The best part of the module is that users can capture their face using their webcam and place it as their profile avatar. The main purpose of an avatar is to represent who they are to people viewing their profile. Placing the real picture in the profile is a great way to earn trust among people. This module makes it easy for people place their real image as an avatar.

It doesn’t end with this, the module comes with cool features like clear, filter, distort, frame and scene. Using these techniques, users can add some pretty frames, flowers, and cartoon pictures on their photos on a single click to add special effects to their photos without any experience. These features will help users to have photos with special effects as their avatar and impress their friends and family.

“We are pleased to launch the add-on module ‘Mugshot Avatar module’ for the Rayzz video sharing script which is the integration of our powerful photo capturing tool called Mugshot with the Rayzz video sharing script” said Mr.Aravind, CTO of Agriya Infoway. “This powerful tool will help our clients offer an interactive feature which lets their users place an impressive avatar as their profile picture without any prior experience in photography, thereby helping them increase the site strength.”
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Agriya Infoway, a Chennai-based web development company, offers social networking software for business enterprises and startups. It proudly announces the release of add-on module for its Rayzz video sharing script.

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