Enviro Direct Link, LLC, announces programs to help compnies achieve a better R.O.I.

Two new programs let companies trade service request leads for cash or other leads.

Online PR News – 25-August-2010 – – Two new programs let companies trade service request leads for cash or other leads.
Saint Augustine, FL, August 20, 2010: Enviro Direct Link, LLC, http://www.envirodirectlink.com?a_aid=onpr12fr2 recently announced two new programs designed to help companies access leads that better meet their criteria. Noting that companies sometimes receive service request leads that are outside their service area, the Enviro Direct Link Marketing Department this week announced the innovative Lead Trade and Leads for Cash programs that enable companies to trade non-compatible service request leads for cash or another lead that meets company criteria.
The Lead Trade Program exchanges leads that do not fit the company's criteria for leads that do. The Cash for Leads program lets companies receive payment for valid service request leads they submit. The programs are another way to enhance the value of sourcing environmental needs through the Environmental Services Management System (ESMS) online platform.
Enrolling in either program is simple. A company creates an online account with Enviro Direct Link, compiles all the necessary service request information, and submits the lead directly to the Enviro Direct Link Web site. Enviro Direct Link then validates the request and follows up with the referring company. Companies that enroll in the Lead Trade Program will select their service categories and territories when they create their accounts. After validating the lead information the company provides, Enviro Direct Link adds a credit to the referring company's account and in exchange sends a lead that meets the company's criteria. Cash for Leads is essentially an affiliate program where a company refers leads to Enviro Direct Link and in exchange earns a cash payment for validated referrals. A statement released by marketing indicated, "We recognize that sometimes companies receive leads from a variety of sources that simply don't match up with what they do. These programs will help turn those leads into targeted matches. We are very excited to offer these programs."