Agriya releases new add on module for its iSocial Lite

Agriya has released its latest Shindig open application as an add on module for iSocial Lite.

Online PR News – 05-September-2009 – – After a lot of debating and contemplating, Agriya has decided to release the very popular Shindig container for open social applications, which was one of the features of the product iSocial Pro, as an add on module in iSocial Lite.

Shindigs, very simply, are containers that enable open social activities like playing a game, participating in social activities and lots of other exciting prospects, once it is added on to a particular software. So once users access the software they can also use this Shindig to create open social applications to even start a business or play a game of their choice!

“The introduction of this feature as an add module on to iSocial Lite will definitely prove to be very useful and will satisfy a large number of our customers who are currently using iSocial Lite” said Peter Claridge the online marketing manager of Agriya Infoway.

All the users need is a little knowledge about HTML and they can add any social application, for instance a game like sudoku or chess, or other any social application they are looking to incorporate and use. Shindigs will definitely increase the number of activities users can use a networking software for, as they can start their own applications here, and use the same software as a platform to promote an application that has been created.

The addition of this add on module has brought new exciting prospects to iSocial Lite since users can add any open social applications ranging from a lucrative business to profiles, activities and other shared applications. These newly created applications can be sent all across networks from one part of the globe to the other. Agriya has released this add on module in its latest product with the strong belief that it will increase the quality and quantity of opportunities for all the avid networking users. Visit: for more information.

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Agriya Infoway is a Chennai based Web Development Company that sells scripts that can be bought by webmasters to build sites under various categories. It is currently releasing the Shindig add-on module for the iSocial Lite software, a social networking script. To learn more click here .