1-800-GO-VAPOR.com Describes Ladybug’s Proprietary TANCS Technology

Simply Water-Only Cleaning Systems Qualifies As A Disinfection Device For The EPA—And Kills Bed Bugs To Boot

Online PR News – 24-August-2010 – – 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com, a leading marketer of Ladybug steam cleaners nationwide, today explained Ladybug’s patented TANCS technology.

“People are always asking us how TANCS works,” says V. K. Dunlop, a 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com vice president. “Although we’re not scientists by any stretch of the imagination, we though we’d take a stab at explaining TANCS in layman’s terms.”

According to Dunlop, TANCS, which is short for Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation, is not an ingredient you add to your steam cleaner. Nor is it an attachment. TANCS is a factory-installed internal component that modifies the crystal structure of the naturally occurring minerals in ordinary tap water to destroy microorganisms in a very short time.

“When a Ladybug steam cleaner with TANCS is turned on, the water and minerals pass through the boiler, where the heat converts the water to superheated steam,” says Dunlop. “Before the steam exits the boiler, the crystal structure of the decomposing minerals is modified, allowing the steam to carry these ‘energized crystals’ to the surface of what is being cleaned. The result is a process that destroys microorganisms almost instantly while inhibiting the growth of new biofilm, or microorganism colonies, as the change in crystal structure combined with the superheated steam leaves no place for biofilms to attach.”

Ladybug steam cleaners with TANCS, such as the top-selling Ladybug Tekno 2350 steam cleaner, have been scientifically proven to produce better results than most chemicals and qualify as a disinfection device for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to Benjamin Tanner, president of Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, “The TANCS System has shown extraordinary results in laboratory tests. A 99.9999% reduction of MRSA and VRE on surfaces within 5 seconds is a level of performance that chemical disinfectants may never achieve.”

All Ladybug steam cleaners kill dust mites and bed bugs on contact, remove allergens, kill bacteria, and remove mold and mildew. They are ideal for cleaning and sanitizing tile floors, grout, kitchens and bathrooms, children's toys, workout rooms, auto interiors, scatter rugs, pet areas and much more—without chemicals.

“For a fast-growing number of eco-conscious consumers, red is the new green,” says Dunlop.

Based in Lake Forest, Illinois, 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com is a leading marketer of Ladybug steam cleaners. In addition to serving households in every state in the U.S. and seven foreign countries, 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com commercial customers include hospitals, healthcare clinics, supermarkets, restaurants, fast food chains, corporations, auto detailers, schools and animal shelters. For more information, call 1-800-468-2767. 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com manages its government and military buyers through SupplyCore. Corporate and institutional customers can purchase direct or spot buy through WW Grainger. Twitter users can follow @1800GOVAPOR. 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com is a proud member of the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, a nationwide effort to protect families from toxic chemicals.

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