Freebiejeebie is an online portal which targets to distribute free gifts to users.

Freebiejeebie is an online UK based portal which helps people get various free gifts ranging from free ipod, free wii, free xbox 360, free iphone 4 and free playstation 3.

Online PR News – 25-August-2010 – – Freebiejeebies is a unique portal which came up with a wonderful business plan tapping an unexplored business opportunity. This UK based online portal is giving away free gifts to its customers. These gifts are a wide range of products starting from free ipod to free playstations to free iphone 4 to free xbox 360 and free playstation 3. The immediate question that may bother the reader of the article is – “Why a company is giving away products just like this?”, “Is there anything fishy about the organization?” Let us clarify both these queries.

There is nothing fishy about the website portal. It is just working as a referral company. The simple logic behind its operation is that whenever a person registers himself to any of the product site, even though the person is not paying anything to the company but due to the person showing mere interest to the company helps the company earn some money as per the pay per click scheme. Some percent of this money goes to the account of the referral company as well. When this amount gets big enough, the referral company reaches a condition from where it can start distributing gifts. This is exactly what Freebiejeebies is doing. Freebiejeebies is playing the role of the referral company in this case and they are giving away gifts to its users like this.

Now that you are sure of the authenticity of the website, let us see the other aspects of the portal. Getting free gifts is easy using the website. It involves a simple three step process. The first process is of course choosing the gift. This process gets followed by signing up into the site and completing an offer. The third and final step involved is of referring the website all your friends and relatives so that service can get spread.

Freebiejeebies opened its first branch in UK in the year 2007. It started operating from there and slowly it came up with a total of nine sites and expanded their business of giving away gifts worldwide. There are some unique features about the website. This went on to become the first website to allow users complete the sign up multiple times even though the offer he or she needs to complete remained only one. Other than this particular offer, the portal came up with a very innovative idea of ‘rolling over’ which enabled the customer to carry all the credits he or she earns at the time opting for the next gift. Last but not the least, unlike many similar service providers, this particular website has no time limit imposed so as a customer one can take as much time as possible to get the gift of his or her choice.

So, please make sure to visit the website to have a one of its kind experience.

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