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09/04/2009 other main product line of digital photo frames are its Optipix digital frames. This wide range of digital frame sizes and models offer several great offerings. These frames will display digital pictures in crisp, clear colors, allow for various slideshow features

Online PR News – 04-September-2009 – – Who knew wholesale cheap digital photo frames would give you the chance to catch up on your midday stories on digital TV in the office lunch breaks.

Who would buy this product: Office workers, students with not much room in their apartment who want a DVB-T TV and people who want a TV in their bedroom or office that’ll pick up DVB-T would love this digital picture frame.

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The days of getting TV signals on your portable devices and digital photo viewers are sadly drawing to a close. As the world shifts closer and closer to the digital TV changeover more and more portable TVs are going to become redundant.

That’s not good news for desk jockeys who like to catch up on their daytime soaps during their lunch break or students who have to live in dorm rooms smaller than half a postage stamp.

The makers of the 7 inch digital photo frame have taken this into consideration and have thrown a DVB-T receiver into a fairly slick-looking 7 inch digital picture frame. This 7 digital photo frame doesn’t have any internal memory but will take SD, MMC and MS cards as well as USB drives and throw things out onto a bigger screen if necessary. MP4 and DAP formats are supported by this 7 inch digital photo frame with the photo frame LCD throwing out a resolution of 480×234.

But where this digital picture frame really excels is its digital TV functions. Watching DVB on this digital frame is as comfortable as it would be on any digital TV receiver like a mini TV as there’s an aerial and remote included. So you could quite happily show off a digital photo during work hours and switch to the big fight when the boss is out of the office. Not too many other digital photo picture frames could compete with that!
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