Green thumb makes a difference: On Yasni people harvest recommendations

The biggest German-speaking people search engine Yasni cooperates with the German internet service provider Your Internet ID, Yasni focuses on recommendations for its members. With immediate effect, the internet service?s recommend-button complements the exposés of people on The people search is integrated on

Online PR News – 25-August-2010 – – "The recent cooperation allows us to provide our members with a further tool en route to one"s own ideal reputation in the net. In our exposés, just by the valuation functions, you now find yiid"s green thumb. A handy tool with the help of which our users can expediently maintain their contacts on Yasni," Steffen Rühl, founder and CEO of yasni GmbH substantiates the recent cooperation.

The green thumb of the internet service Your Internet ID can be seen on the button that disseminates a recommendation in different social networks. If you click on the green thumb to recommend another person, you decide whether this recommendation appears on facebook news or possibly on twitter. The click on the recommend-button appears on one"s own contacts on facebook and twitter and leads directly to the exposé of the person finding the approval.

"We integrated Yasni"s people search because it is unbeatable on the technological level. Needless to say that we like to cooperate with the experts," Marco Ripanti, founder and CEO of, emphasizes the great significance of this new partnership. Ripanti can hardly wait for the first clicks: "I"m especially curious to see how the "top people" at Yasni will use the recommend-button. Will they recommend their colleagues to facebook contacts or rather to their followers on twitter?"

The larger the number of recommendations finding their way into the social networks facebook and twitter via the button recently integrated on Yasni, the greater the attention exposés of people on Yasni will receive.

If you want to recommend a person via the button on Yasni, you have to authenticate to the internet service provider Your Internet ID once. Thereafter, the button can be used throughout the internet. For instance, it is possible to operate the like variant of the button on Yasni"s weblog without an anew registration.

The internet service Your Internet ID launched the button with the green thumb in April 2010. It enables internet users to disseminate with a click their consensus or dissent on certain contents in different social networks. Facebook and twitter are linked and soon LinkedIn and Google Buzz will also be.
Your Internet ID, is a project of ekaabo GmbH based in Weinheim. Investors are Marco Ripanti (CEO and founder) and Artus Capital GmbH & Co KGaA.

The search engine Yasni enables everyone to find the right people - internet-wide and at no charge -, suiting cues like company, profession, location, and all information regarding you or another person. With their own and free exposé, registered users can summarize information themselves and can actively present themselves according to suitable cues in the search results. With an access of 40 million a month, Yasni is the most used starting point for people search and reputation management. is a project of Germany based ekaabo company
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