Global Flexible Display Market 2009-2013

TechNavio announces this week the launch of the report ‘Global Flexible Display Market 2009-2013.’

Online PR News – 25-August-2010 – – Flexible Displays are paper thin electronic display screens that are light weight, rugged and more durable than the conventional displays. They can be flexed or rolled up without losing its displaying capabilities. Flexibility in Displays is achieved by replacing the glass substrate with plastic or other flexible substrate material. These displays can be non-rectangular in shape and require a fraction of the power consumed by Light Emitting Diode (LED) displays. Such features have given rise to a wide variety of application possibilities.

According to TechNavio, the market for Global Flexible Display is forecast to reach $2,079.4 million in 2013 from $165.0 million in 2009; thus, growing at a CAGR of 88.4 percent over the period.

With the increasing availability of Flexible Display technologies, the market for these displays has grown exponentially. Numerous consumer and enterprise applications are being integrated with Flexible Displays, which has increased the efficiency, security and convenience. Smaller vendors have adopted this technology faster, and are driving the market. On the other hand, traditional display vendors like Sony, Samsung Electronics and LG are developing products with Flexible Displays, and will be the major drivers for this market in near future.

With the increase in payment options over open networks (such as the Internet), various frauds involving credit cards have plagued the issuing companies. Thus, new smart cards with incorporated Flexible Displays are increasingly being used in cards for financial payments. With microprocessors, these cards generate new passwords for every transaction, reducing attacks. This helps reduce frauds linked with open standard based Smart Cards. Thus, such secured transaction capabilities are driving the market for Flexible Displays.

The report by TechNavio Insights forecasts the size of the Global Flexible Display Market 2009-2013. Further, it discusses the key market trends, drivers and challenges of this market, and profiles some of the key vendors in the same.

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