Creative Animodel Plans to Expand Its Knockout Mice Repository

The world leading animal model service supplier Creative Animodel has recently decided to expand its knockout mice repository.

Online PR News – 05-March-2015 – Shirley, NY – The US-based manufacturer Creative Animodel specializes in providing animal models for research use. The company has provided mouse models for many years and has cryopreserved knockout mice line so that it will always remain available for customers’ needs. With the development of technology and the expansion of excellent research team, recently the company has planned to produce more hard-to-find knockout mice models and cryopreserve them into its repository.

“Mice are the most closely related laboratory animal species to humans for which the knockout technique can easily be applied. They have been widely used in knockout experiments, especially those investigating genetic questions that relate to human physiology”, said Anna Messer, the scientific officer of Creative Animodel.

“We see the promising future of animal model research, and also the increasing needs in knockout mice models in labs worldwide, and so we decide to expand our mice repository in the early year of 2015”, she added. Though the decision has been made, the detailed plans and project still need time to prepare.

About Knockout mice

Knockout mice are genetically engineered mice which have been inactivated or "knocked out" an existing gene with an artificial piece of DNA. By causing a specific gene to be inactive in the mouse, and observing changes in its behavior or physiology, researchers can infer its probable function. The inactivity of gene will result in changes in a mouse's appearance, behavior and other observable physical and biochemical characteristics. Knockout mice are important animal models in laboratories for study the role of genes.

About Creative Animodel
Creative Animodel is a US-based manufacturer specializing in providing animal models for research use. The company supply mouse models for commercial researchers worldwide with unparalleled access to fully-licensed, healthy knockout mouse models. Now the company has expanded its core competencies to more challenging and intricate variations of knockouts to continue to bring powerful research tools to our clients. For more information about our services