SEO Company Launches Guaranteed Google Places Search Engine Placement Service for Small Businesses

Musson Media Consulting, a Seattle SEO Company, is launching an unprecedented service guaranteeing search engine placement for small businesses in Google Places, a service which allows companies to set up or claim a page or listing related to their business.

Online PR News – 24-August-2010 – – Musson Media Consulting, a small business SEO firm, is about to deliver a service that many small businesses have been waiting for: one that guarantees first page placement rather than ambiguous promises of improved rankings. Musson Media will bring to bear their technical proficiency and deep SEO expertise to help elevate their clients' listing on Google Places to the first page, where searchers are able to see it. With the improved visibility, clients should experience added traffic to their listing, and with that, more potential business. With this new service, Musson Media Consulting is shifting the risk away from potential clients by guaranteeing first page placement. This pay-for-results arrangement is unmatched in the industry.

The emergence of the Internet as the first stop for every imaginable search has opened up a world of opportunities for small businesses struggling with marketing their products. Whether their product is a good or service, the lifeline of any business is the customer. When a business fails to attract enough customers to exceed their break-even threshold, the business will falter. Though the fate of a business is determined by numerous factors and circumstances, ultimately all businesses must have a steady flow of customers.

Having a healthy customer base is a function of effective advertising. It all begins with awareness, and businesses have employed various methods over time in order to net elusive customers. Few businesses have the luxury of waiting for the customers to find them. In today's fast changing commerce environment, it falls upon the businesses to locate potential customers, raise awareness of their products and deliver a compelling message to convince the masses that they must purchase. Regardless of the marketing mix, everything starts with raising awareness.

Given Google's dominant share of the search market, it follows that most potential customers will be searching for products using Google's search engine. Potential customers looking for local results, typically by employing a location qualifier appended to their search (e.g. seattle chiropractors), will most likely be motivated to procure a product in the very near future, the kind of targeted traffic that businesses covet. Thus, it is imperative that businesses not only claim their Google Place page, but also rank in the first page so that motivated customers will find them.

The reality is that most small businesses neither have the expertise nor the time to manage their online marketing. Fortunately for them, this gap can be bridged by SEO specialists. Seattle SEO experts Musson Media Consulting are uniquely qualified to handle the search engine affairs of small businesses, and they even guarantee their work. In the industry, it is practically unheard of for an SEO company to guarantee search engine placement. Musson Media Consulting guarantees first page placement in Google Places, and that sets them apart from the run-of-the-mill SEO services companies.

"We have always offered Google Places SEO but we have developed such an incredible method that is totally safe for your site that we decided to actually guarantee it! Your listing is SO relevant that Google often times will turn a 7 box to a one box with your business being the most relevant listing in your entire area! Now that's domination!" explains Tyler Musson, the brains behind Musson Media Consulting. Clients have been extremely pleased with their results, with many calling Tyler's Google Places Domination package 'absolutely amazing.'

Musson Media is a professional small business SEO, website promotion, web design, video marketing, SEO copywriting, and press release writing and submission firm. Their main focus is to help the small business owner gain more exposure, more qualified leads, and better brand awareness through multiple online marketing channels while reducing their ad spend and overhead.

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