Update for Flash Doctor Version 4.0

Flash Doctor Version 4.0 has been officially released by SalvationDATA on Saturday last week; all Flash Doctor users would download the technical white paper and update their tools.

Online PR News – 25-August-2010 – – SalvationDATA has officially released Flash Doctor Version 4.0 for all Flash Doctor users on Saturday last week. More sophisticated flash data recovery cases would be addressed.

New features:
 Repair directory: “Repair directory” is designed to handle cluster misaligned between parent directory and subdirectory. It ensures all the recovered files have file names which can be accessed directly. There are preconditions when applying it.
 Repair directory and file: “Repair directory and file” is used to restore text files and some special image files produced by NIKON, OLYPMUS etc. the image files’ format from these digital cameras varies from traditional JPG file format in some way. When users come across image files which are not in JPG, this function comes in handy
 Fixed a bug in “Scan Partition: Because flash storage device are regularly connected to different computers, therefore the devices are inclined to be infected by virus. In a result the viruses directly attack the FAT partition table and corrupt some parameters, so that when our program tries to visit the data in this partition and it will develop an endless loop until crash. Now the bug has been fixed

 Optimized the “Recover Data” function: In last version once the program finished data collection, it will take one or two minutes to wait the program process the operation before directly extracting the data. If not, user might not see the connected data. Now there is no need to wait and users can directly enter data extraction interface

For the detailed update, please download the white technical paper here.