World Music Artist Eddie Benitez releases new CD, Visions of Angels on NuGroove Records

Eddie Benitez: Visions of Angels on NuGroove Records , featuring Guest Vocalist - Howard Hewett and Joeleen

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New York, NY Sept 2, 2009

Eddie Benitez: Visions of Angels on NuGroove Records , featuring Guest Vocalist - Howard Hewett and Joeleen

Eddie Benitez and his World Music are back with a new CD, Visions of Angels, that picks up where last year's Lover's Never Say Goodbye left off and rockets his world music forward into a new dimension. Joined by two guest vocalists, R&B legend Howard Hewett, and Joeleen, a European discovery of Eddie's, the music includes sounds and rhythms from African to Latin to European, and brings in innovative fusions with R&B and pop, making this the premier and most radio-friendly CD to date in his decades-long catalog of music.

The first single from the CD, "A Child's Love," was inspired by Eddie's youngest daughter who makes a cameo appearance a the end of the song. The beauty of the instrumental version was so moving to Howard Hewett, a father himself, that he went back to his hotel room after recording the planned vocals to the track, "Beautiful Sunrise, the Next Day," and wrote lyrics to the song. Excitedly, he called Eddie and asked if they could go back in the studio that night and record vocals to the track. He was due to fly back to L.A. the next day, and both artists agreed this was too good to pass up. Back to the studio they went, with the result - the entrancing version of "A Child's Love" that we hear as the first single, one that is sure to touch the hearts of everyone who has ever loved or been loved by a child. A moment of serendipidy in the studio is now hit-bound.

"Beautiful Sunrise, The Next Day," is the second track with Howard's Hewett's heartfelt vocals, a perfect match for the passionate music Eddie is known for creating. The predominantly instrumental CD is interspersed with one other vocal track, "That's Life," a song that introduces the sweet vocals of Joeleen. Joeleen, U.K. born and bred and now living in Italy, is thrilled to be making her World Music debut as a guest vocalist on Visions of Angels.

The CD delivers 12 stunning tracks:

1 Dreams Within
2 A Child's Love
3 That's Life
4 Entrance to Paradise
5 Visions of Angels
6 Love Forever Always
7 Beautiful Sunrise, The Next Day
8 That's Life, Instrumental
9 Wisdom
10 Memories of a Friend
11 A Child's Love Instrumental
12 The Gift

The track, "Visions of Angels," is built for live performance in outdoor venues that will accommodate its grandeur, while tracks like "Wisdom" and "Love Forever Always" draw the listener in with a depth of feeling that Eddie is a master at delivering on the guitar - a guitar that weeps and laughs like an extension of the human voice. Eddie writes songs that sound custom made for movie soundtracks just waiting for the music. All the tracks on this CD, Eddie's own compositions and those in collaboration with his co-producer, G-Man, and others, have Eddie's signature mystery and clear inspiration from somewhere beyond the earthly dimension alone.

Hear for yourself, the magic is coming September 1st. Visions of Angels, a new age for World Music.

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