Cash for Gold Experts Provide a New Alternative to Buying Expensive Jewelry

Gold prices are 150% higher then in 2001, there is no better time to sell your old gold jewelry then right now. Captain Cash for Gold is a well-reputed and established company that has paid out millions of dollars over the years by purchasing gold. They strive to live up to their reputation of perfection in service and accountability.

Online PR News – 24-August-2010 – – In an economy that’s ever so slowly bumping its way back up, purchasing valuable jewelry becomes a luxury that is often foregone. Consumers longingly window-shop the glittering accessories, but go no further. An affordable and fashion-friendly alternative is trendy costume jewelry. Customers can easily be up-to-date by cashing in old gold, silver, or diamonds for a fresh new look. Don’t know what to do with your useless gold? Getting cash for gold is a quick and easy money-maker.

Captain cash for gold is a leader in the industry. Your job is to mail in your old jewelry , and they’ll do the rest. You’ll receive a CashPak with a fully insured envelope for up to $1,000 that you can track. This way, you can rest assured that your valuables are not getting lost in the mail, and will arrive at their destination. The gold experts at Captain Cash’s state of the art plant will appraise the gold, and send out a check within 24 hours. Consumers can use their newly acquired cash to revamp their wardrobe with funky costume jewelry, or pieces that look authentic.

The costume jewelry trend is one that can help fuel our economy, as it improves cash flow between buyers and sellers. Consumers will sooner purchase affordable accessories than one considerable piece.

“The reality is that people today are strapped for cash. Selling old gold jewelry and old valuables is a quick and hassle-free solution to boosting their wardrobe, and their self-esteem,” says Joe Harper, of

Experts at Captain Cash for Gold say that many people have thousands of dollars worth of valuables laying around like, collecting dust. Their gold is often worth much more than they think. An appraisal is quick and easy, and often provides untold rewards, for example when selling old platinum jewelry.

The bump in the road comes when consumers are scared of sending their valuables out in an unreliable mail system, and their jewelry might get lost, never to be seen again. Contrary to many other gold-cashing companies, Captain Cash for Gold encloses a FedEx ensured envelope that the seller can track on his own. Everything is verified, and the seller is notified upon receipt of the CashPak.

Through this procedure, cash flow is improved between the seller, the gold-buying company, and the costume jewelry retailer whose store the gold seller can now frequent. The chain continues, and by helping ourselves, we help our economy.

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