NuBeginnings offers extended 2 months support on all its Weight Loss Boot Camps

NuBeginnings runs the most popular weight loss boot camps in the UK. They bring to their customers the best experience in their boutique and all their camps are highly effective.

Online PR News – 04-September-2009 – – Ilfracombe, UK - NuBeginnings promises an average weight loss of 10 lbs per week. NuBeginnings runs the most effective weight loss boot camps in the UK. This is the only weight loss camp that offers 2 months of extended support even after the completion of the fat camp. This two months support includes meal plans as well as personal phone calls. There are a lot of confusions among the customers regarding the various terms used in the weight loss industry. Not everyone understands the differences between the following terms weight loss boot camp, weight loss spa, weight loss retreat, weight loss camp or fat farm

The camps at NuBeginnings have all the best elements from each service listed above. However, just to know the difference between the various terms used, a weight loss boot camp is a rigorous program with the intensity of military style training. NuBeginnings models its weight loss program to weight loss boot camp where the training is intense but you will never be shouted at by anyone. They have the most beautiful rooms, best choice of organic food to ensure decisive results.

NuBeginnings does not just stop with training its customers eat the right food but it tries to probe into the reason for their customers’ bad eating habits. Once the reason is identified, dealing with the problem becomes much easier. They may use of several approaches to work on their customers’ weight. Their fat loss boot camp even includes hypnotherapy and acupuncture and thereby taking a holistic approach to weight loss. They address both physical as well as the psychological issues.

A weight loss camp as opposed to the weight loss boot camp is not that rigorous with intense sessions on exercises and workouts. The camps conducted by NuBeginnings will fall under the category of weight loss camp.

When it comes to weight loss retreat, it is takes the best of weight loss camp and the best of a health farm. Weight loss retreats try to help the person relax and uses treatment based approach to weight loss. NuBeginnings offers wonderful weight loss retreat experience with its peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Fat camp is very much like a weight loss camp and it concentrates on exercise and healthy diet. They also include psychological counselling to identify the reasons for their poor food habits. NuBeginnings tries to concentrate on identifying the hidden causes and removing them to establish a healthy relationship with food.

Fat farms are for generally for children. It helps children learn healthy eating habits and in helping them in enhancing their self-esteem.

A weight loss spa is totally different and it does not have the element of exercise. Even if there are any exercise sessions, they will be very gentle on the participants. They try to help the metabolism of the participants through fresh fruit juices and fasting.

NuBeginnings has assimilated the best aspects of all the above approaches in its weight loss boot camps to offer the best weight loss experience to the participants. For more information visit