Maine Coon Companion Announces the Launch of their New Website on Exclusive Maine Coon Information

Have a fervent passion for the world’s largest cat- The Maine Coon? Main Coon Companion launches a new website giving first-hand, latest information for everything ‘Maine Coon’

Online PR News – 25-August-2010 – – , Owner of two lovely Maine Coons, Sarah Charlotte from Kent in England strives to bring her fellow MC lovers this exclusive Maine Coon resource that includes information about finding a Maine Coon for sale ( ), Maine Coon adoption, Maine Coon rescue, and packed with Maine Coon pictures ( ). In addition to this, she has collected useful and intriguing information related to this incredible feline breed and constantly updates all cat-lovers out there with Coon Cat related blog posts and articles.

Seven years of being an MC owner has made her almost an expert on this specific breed needs and requirements and this she shares with us on this rather cool site that is a one-stop-shop for MC lovers and owners. She gives tips and insights on Maine Coon ownership from the start to end. She throws light upon the significance of the pedigree Maine Coon breeds and is open to opinions and views from the readers as well.

Exceptionally equipped with feline pet care tips, she exclaims, “The fact is that Maine Coons do have specific care requirements in addition to certain conditions that have been found in the breed that owners need to be aware of. This especially applies to people looking for Maine Coon kittens and those new to the breed”, she adds, “It is useful to think about your Maine Coon’s well being in relation to the decisions you have to make about the care you provide. Most notably, this falls into what I call the owner’s ‘four areas of responsibility’ and includes, diet, environment, exercise and protection from dangerous substances and accidents.”

She guides you in the right path of a Maine Coon adoption or a Maine Coon kitten purchase. She promptly brushes over the pre-requisites that an MC buyer should know or get to know like health warranties and related contracts, vaccinations and registration requirements. While commenting on Maine Coon adoptions Sarah explains, “There are several places you can adopt Maine Coons from. The chances are if you go down the Maine Coon adoption route you’ll see many look-alikes and Maine Coon mixes. Purebred Maine Coons with papers (which is the only way to prove a Maine Coon is a Maine Coon) will be harder to find and the first to find new homes.” She gives a list of Maine Coon adoption and Maine Coon rescue ( ) centers in the US in her new website.


Sarah Charlotte, the proud guardian for two adorable Maine Coons, developed the idea of this website that shares blogs and articles on Maine Coons subsequently providing the viewers with helpful information and useful insights and tips on Maine Coon Care and Maine Coon Adoption and everything else related to the super feline breed.

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