E-cash-Advance.net Announces New Lenders!

In an exciting break from the rest of the pack, E-Cash-Advance.net no longer requires borrowers to have a checking account to get a cash advance.

Online PR News – 04-September-2009 – – In an exciting break from the rest of the pack, E-Cash-Advance.net no longer requires borrowers to have a checking account to get a cash advance. This unprecedented, bold new move toward the future of banking clearly makes e-cash-advance.net the leader of the pack when it comes to superior service and top quality loans. The news will come as a welcome relief and the start of a new chapter in life to borrowers who are unable to get checking accounts in today's new economy.

Muncie, IN, August 29, 2009 - E-Cash-Advance.net has forged new partnerships with reputable lenders who offer short term loans to borrowers who don't have checking accounts. This bold development will change the cash advance industry, as the number of citizens unable to get checking accounts rises. Today's tighter, more budget-conscious economy has changed the way banks offer services to the public. It's no longer as easy to get a simple checking account, believe it or not. With the rise of forged checks and overdraft incidents, checking accounts are risky business for banks. Therefore, they've upped the requirements for these types of accounts and consequentially many folks find themselves unable to get a simple checking account.

Without a checking account, there's no direct deposit. And most cash advance lenders require direct deposit on the borrower's paycheck. Until now, these people have been locked out of the convenience and security of cash advances. When it comes to getting emergency cash, folks without a checking account have had to borrow from friends or family or simply pay late fees, higher interest rates, or utility shut-off fees when they were unable to pay a time-sensitive bill.

Now, the good news is, e-cash-advance.net offers cash advances to people who can't get a checking account. The company pleased to be able to offer the quality customer service, fast turnaround time and other qualities it's been known for in the cash advance world, to a previously-under-served part of the population.

Grace Paddington, who for years relied on her parents to loan her money occasionally when she got behind in her credit card payments while in school, is very appreciative of the popular service which she can now take part in. "I hated borrowing from Dad, when I'm now finished with school and on my own. I'm now an independent woman and it was humiliating to ask for money. Now, if my bill is due and I don't have the cash, I can get a cash advance, even without a checking account." The service means the difference between good health and living on the fringe for Ms. Paddington, whose skin condition requires her to spend large sums of money each month on cremes for her treatment.

The new partnerships with lenders who will work with borrowers who don't have checking accounts is an exciting new path for the cash advance industry, and it's hoped that other cash advance services will see how beneficial it is to follow the new leader, http://www.e-cash-advance.net You can see about their services here at http://www.e-cash-advance.net

Muncie, Indiana