dZine-Hub Puts Clients’ eBay Stores on the Map

Dzine-hub, a specialty ebay store design consultancy, offers its clients

Online PR News – 24-August-2010 – – : Dzine-hub ( ), a specialty ebay store design consultancy, offers its clients insight into increasing sales by improving ebay store design and user experience. The company, led by industry veterans with years of experience in store design, e-commerce, and ebay listing, draws on its history of success to dramatically increase sales for its clients.

“Success on eBay depends on so much more than just having good products,” said a dZine-Hub spokesman. “It’s a crowded marketplace, and your success depends on having a well-designed store that is easy to navigate, and most importantly, unique. How do you set yourself apart when there are tens of thousands of other sellers competing against you? It’s in the presentation.”

An eBay store is remarkably easy to set up, and anybody can become a merchant in a single afternoon. But according to dZine-Hub experts, that simplicity is both the greatest benefit, and the biggest challenge of selling on eBay. With the barrier to entry reduced, competition is overwhelming. Those merchants who have taken the time to go beyond the basics and create customized eBay storefronts have always enjoyed higher success rates, more sales, and more repeat business.

According to the dZine-Hub spokesman, “What makes the difference is how you position yourself within eBay. The ease with which one can set up a storefront is wonderful, but it also results in thousands of stores that look the same. The only way to stand out from the crowd and establish an independent identity for yourself is to create a distinct visual identity. We offer our expertise in design and e-commerce to help eBay merchants succeed.”

eBay experts agree that the key to success lies in differentiation. While eBay itself is an incredibly powerful tool, the vast majority of seller stores look the same. When a buyer browses through one of these look-alike, cookie-cutter stores, they may see a product or two they like, but how will they remember it the next day? dZine-Hub has the answer with a customized, memorable design that will set any eBay merchant apart from the rest.

dZine-Hub’s design consultants work directly with both new and well-established eBay merchants to create powerful, visually attractive and fully-functional eBay stores and listing templates. Rates are very affordable, and dZine-Hub’s consultants work directly with their clients to create a design that will bring in the sales. By taking time to know each client’s unique value proposition, dZine-Hub’s designers can come up with a storefront design that positions each eBay merchant in the marketplace, and leads directly to increased traffic and more sales.

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About dZine-Hub: dZine-Hub is a leading eBay store consultant, offering unique eBay store design and listing templates for some of the Internet’s most successful merchants. By offering affordable and customized service, dZine-Hub sets your eBay store apart from the rest—giving you a vital edge in this dynamic marketplace.